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Nancy DeYoung Shaman's Vision

Shaman’s Vision calls us to wake up and snap out of the hypnotically controlled state we may not even know we live under. With information and practice, we can become “modern shamans”. From this state, we learn to see subtle energies and how they affect us. We see the patterns and programs that influence our lives. We also see how to step out of them so we can live in expanded truth.

The hypnosis starts early and continues through life. We take on guilt, fear, beliefs, imprints, judgments and attitudes from our experiences and from people around us. We also open ourselves to the influence of energies and entities that may not have our best interests in mind. These energies can affect our health, relationships, decisions, and life in general. Moving forward is much easier when we are free of these influences.

Shaman’s Vision can help you understand why things attach, how to prevent it from happening, and remove them if they do gain entrance into your life. You learn all you need to know to break the spell! Shaman’s Vision is about self-empowerment and conscious manifestation. To understand the unseen forces that may be working in your life, you will want to read this book today!


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Note: Shaman’s Vision was originally titled They Do or You Do?

Customer Testimonials

Nancy has written an essential guide to reclaiming your power. By making us aware of the lower, other-dimensional energies that can attach to us, she then gives us the tools to empower ourselves. Nancy provides us with potent assistance for creating our own internal “shift of the ages.” NTI, Colorado

Nancy’s first book, Modern Shamans, continues to provide a path for protecting and preserving my spiritual health; and Shaman’s Vision takes me to a higher level of understanding and soul growth.  JS, New Mexico

Testimonial about Nancy DeYoung by Janet