Professional Services Offered by Nancy DeYoung

Professional Services Offered by Nancy DeYoung

Quantum Transformation: While our journey through these turbulent times may seem confusing and difficult, this time provides power and support for us to birth into our whole, integrated self. We can complement these natural forces by utilizing quantum tools that help clear the way to remembering our greatness and our birthright. From this space, there is no question what our purpose is. Good health, wholeness, and passion for life are our birthright.

The services listed below will help you clear the way to living your life with greater passion and purpose.

Personal Clearing Sessions: We set up a field to work outside time and space. We ask your bodies and soul what they need and then correct imbalances using quantum technologies. Since the clearing work is done outside time and space, a distance session is as effective as one in person. If you would like an in-person session, Nancy often travels between South Dakota, Colorado and New Mexico. Otherwise, a distance session can be scheduled. Sessions last about 1 hour and 30 minutes, and are life changing. Cost for new clients is $135.

Energy Clearing Groups: These workshops are designed to help you understand, experience, and work with subtle energies to clear the blockages from your energy field that are keeping you from moving forward. These workshops are based on Nancy’s two books. Workshops can be 2, 4 or 6 hours. Cost varies.

Reiki Classes: These classes help you understand and be a greater vehicle for the Universal Life Force Energy. Having the Reiki attunements and being a vehicle for Reiki energy allows you to help yourself and others in times of stress, pain, or trauma. Reiki I, learning the basics is 6 hours $125. Reiki II focuses on distance work. It is 3 hours $200. Reiki III Teacher/Master is 3 hours of class and later demonstrating skills by helping conduct a Reiki I class $300.

If you would like more information or to experience any of these services, you can reach Nancy through the Contact page.

Client Testimonials

Testimonial about Nancy DeYoung by Adrienne
Testimonial about Nancy DeYoung by Chris









Nancy’s ability to read the bodies is amazing…she goes right to the heart of the issue. Having bodywork with Nancy is so transformational and wonderful…you know there is no judgment but only love and support from her. GM, Colorado

Nancy is a master at clearing energy fields. LR, California

My first “clearing” by Nancy made me a believer. Nancy interacted with my body and spirit, incorporating her intuitive abilities and intensive training to heal old wounds and retrieve much which I thought lost. JS, New Mexico