Book: Modern Shamans

Modern Shamans

In her first book, Modern Shamans, author Nancy DeYoung provides an instructional manual on emotional clearing. It provides information, examples, and simple, yet effective exercises to clear the emotional charge connected with our memories. By doing this, we are no longer triggered by things people say and do. We are freed from the repetitious cycles and patterns in which we have been living. We find the way forward in life is to go within our Selves where wholeness, understanding, and direction await us.

From secrets of shamans of old to principles of quantum physics, the author weaves a tapestry of timeless insight and practical techniques for the emerging shaman in you. Here are detailed the necessary tools to see past the illusions of life and to clear the inner wounds that diminish individual power. These efforts are prerequisite to true understanding and freedom.

This is the journey of the modern shaman.

Modern Shamans can also be purchased through Amazon in Kindle digital format.

Customer Testimonials

Testimonial about Nancy DeYoung by Michael

Nancy DeYoung takes the alchemical process of clearing and cleaning subtle-body energy and turns it into practical, usable measures anyone can use to heal self and others. She speaks with a voice that is direct and practical, that unites the sensitivities of tradition with the demands of our modern world and the tension we all feel in these rapidly changing times. P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D. Foreword to Modern Shamans

I have been hesitant to do inner work because I didn’t understand how everything works. After reading Modern Shamans, I felt empowered and encouraged – it all seems so easy. I am now working with the information and the techniques and I find my life is changing. PH, New Mexico

This book gives useful, empowering information that helps you mend. It is right on target and a trigger book – just reading it makes it happen page by page and chakra by chakra. It happens as you read it – a blessing indeed. NA, South Dakota

I have read Modern Shamans five times and every time, I get more out of it. It seems the answers I need are there every time I pick it up. Thank you. PH, California