Nancy DeYoung: Founder, QT Specialist + Author

Nancy DeYoung Welcome. My name is Nancy DeYoung. I am the founder of QT Mastery. The information shared on this site is the accumulation of many years of work beginning in the summer of 1992 when I experienced my first step into conscious awareness of the quantum world – the world of all possibility. The journey to where I am today has been diverse. I have followed different philosophical paths, read many books, attended numerous workshops, and traveled extensively. Since 1992, I have helped others, and done much of my own inner clearing, using soul retrieval and spirit releasement. These modalities were the beginning of what I call “modern shamanism.” Modern shamanism became a combination of ancient shamanism, the secrets of the pyramid, and the principles of quantum science. Throughout the years, my work has grown, expanded, and evolved into what I now call Quantum Transformation. The purpose of my work has always been to help my clients claim responsibility for their lives and to move into their empowerment, and the advanced tools help facilitate that. In one-on-one sessions and in workshops, we work with Light and Sound and move into an inter-dimensional space where the clearing process is fast and effective. It works on all levels at the same time. The work is done with ease and grace and integrates quickly into this physical reality. Things become clear and the person feels as if a heavy burden has been lifted. Life flows more smoothly.

You can use the information and techniques in my books MODERN SHAMANS and SHAMAN’S VISION, and on this website, to help you create a more satisfying life, better health, fuller relationships – anything that makes your life more fun and fulfilling. If you ever feel you need support with this, I will be happy to do a QT session with you. You can click here to leave a phone number and I will call you. Thank you for taking the time to check out my website. I look forward to sharing more information and experiences with you. Nancy DeYoung is an author, emotional clearing and bio-harmonics specialist, intuitive, journal writer, dowser, artist, workshop and retreat facilitator.