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Hi Dear Friends,

My friend Natalie Candela, Ph.D. has invited me to speak at the New Consciousness Activation: Create your Sacred Path to Wisdom, Balance, and Inner Power. This is an interview series that begins September 23 and you can participate in this event FREE. If you have felt unfulfilled and unsure of your path, this series of talks may be of great help. SIGN UP HERE.

Natalie asked me and over twenty other well-known experts to join in a discussion that will help you understand your potential, find your inner strength, and create the life changes you want that might have seemed impossible! These are people who have overcome incredible challenges and have made it their life’s mission to help others do the same. You will feel inspired, ready, and fully equipped to reawaken your passion, align with your purpose, and create a fulfilling life. Align With Your Passion SIGN UP HERE. Join us on 9/23.

This telesummit doesn’t cost anything, but it will equip you with the skills and strategies that will help you….

Heal outdated emotions and life patterns
Build deep and fulfilling relationships
Improve your health
Release stress, fear, and anxiety
Become more balanced

And much more…

Find Peace and Fulfillment

Beginning on September 23, you can listen in as experts discuss ways in which we can heal, thrive, and become powerful creators of our lives! Natalie is a powerful catalyst that aims to empower people to reconnect with their inner wisdom, power, and balance. Her calling is to help men and women align with their passion and purpose. Sign up and receive profound and heart-opening insights into what is possible for each of us as we continue to raise our consciousness. Remember, it’s FREE! Click HERE TO SIGN UP!

I do not have a date when my interview will be aired, but do watch for it as I look forward to sharing more with you.

Nancy DeYoung

P.S. No matter what you are facing in your life, you CAN create a powerful change. Join us to learn how.

The Energy Field

Mentoring children to explore their energetic gifts has been a growing experience for me, as well as the young ones. One week we played a game where they read each other’s mind and they were right on with their accuracy. I watched some Youtube videos and, since they had done so well the previous week,… Continue Reading