Alexandria Noble – QT Specialist

QT Specialist: Alexandria Noble

AlexandriaI first discovered I could read energy doing furniture upholstery. At first I thought I was just entertaining myself, but soon discovered that I was right on with the information that I was getting about the people that owned the furniture. Really? Wow! From there I started reading books and taking classes that put me on a whole new journey in life.

Some years later, I met Nancy and together we explored and discovered new realms and tools of the healing arts and still continue to do so. From my 30 some years of experience and our natural enlightening process the work has become easier, faster and more powerful.

I believe that instant healing is possible and see that we are doing this in small quantum ways. Working with frequencies and intention, we effect the fundamental behavior of the smallest particles of energy and matter. Shifting our consciousness and giving us new perspectives and choices in creating a better life for ourselves and our oneness with humanity and all that is. My goal for my self and my clients is to be Whole and FREE! To Illuminate our highest possible potential!
with Love and Grace
~Alexandria Noble

Alexandria offers intuitive readings and subtle body clearings. She is located in the Minneapolis area where in-person sessions are available. She also does distance work for anyone who is not in her area or who prefers that form of work. Alexandria’s sessions are approximately one hour and the cost is $150.

Contact Alexandria for more information and to set up an appointment. If you leave your phone number, she will be in touch. Thank you.


This energy work was new to me, I did not know what to expect. I have to laugh in trying to describe how I felt after my first clearing. It felt like a deep spring house cleaning done inside of me. Weight was lifted and it was like I was breathing fresh air. I felt so light, clear and organized on the inside. I felt a sense of freedom to move forward.

I also have experienced some major physical healing in my sessions with Alexandria. I am on a path of recovery from near death with hepatitis C. Financial and emotional related stress, I had lost a big portion of the quality of my life. I have gotten most of it back now. This has been life changing and on going, and that is priceless! DD Prior Lake, MN

With some healers it’s their job, with Alexandria it’s her calling. She’s the best! AJ Longmont, CO
Having experienced many forms of healing, I have yet to find anything as powerful as the work that Alexandria does. It has given me the ability to move quickly through emotional trauma that would have taken years. She has helped me find real joy and new levels of spirituality. MB Prescott, AZ