Welcome to QT Mastery!

Ankh 2I titled this website Quantum Transformation (QT) because all things are possible and we can choose from those limitless potentialities. Once we have chosen, we can bring that condition or circumstance into our physical experience.

Quantum Transformation effects change at a core level that can bring the energy field into greater coherency and harmony. This helps restore physical and psychological well being, establishes a greater sense of inner peace, brings clarity, and removes blocks and stuck energy so you can move forward with ease.

You may be thinking there is no way you could ever do this for yourself, let alone ever master it. I once thought that way but was certainly surprised when I tried it and had a successful experience. The work I began doing in 1992 has grown tremendously over the years and I am sure it will continue to morph and expand. So don’t hesitate to begin where you are.

In the library, I have included talks and writings from those early days so that you could see where I began and you could start there or any point in between. The information in my books Modern Shamans and Shaman’s Vision will also be of great assistance to you.

Here at QT Mastery, our first and foremost aim is to give you tools you can use for your own clearing and transformative work. Good health, wholeness, and passion for life are your birthright. We offer tools, classes, and workshops to assist you in accepting and claiming what is rightfully yours. In addition, we offer our services as QT specialists to get you on your way.

Thank you for visiting our website.