The Energy Field

The Energy Field

Mentoring children to explore their energetic gifts has been a growing experience for me, as well as the young ones. One week we played a game where they read each other’s mind and they were right on with their accuracy.

I watched some Youtube videos and, since they had done so well the previous week, I decided to experiment with some of the things other people were doing with children. It was a totally different experience that week. My kiddos had no success with the things put before them.

I realized the difference was my kids are evolving away from using their chakras, and the things I had watched on Youtube relied heavily upon use of the chakras. The little ones I am working with are learning to navigate in this world from the place of heart – their center – their core essence. This means the way to access information is very different. It is in that centered place where all information is available at all times. They aren’t pulling it to themselves in bits and pieces through the fragmented light of chakras. They only have to open and allow it to come into their conscious mind.

When we connect with the world through chakras, we may not be getting the whole story or an accurate view of the situation. The chakras are fragmented light so if we are receiving through the solar plexus, for example, the information can be slanted towards power. If it comes in through the root chakra, it can be biased with survival. We receive only a fraction of the information that is available.

Add to this that the chakras are often wounded, out of balance, or operating from past programming, and the information becomes deteriorated even further. So if you are still utilizing your chakras, it is well to maintain them in the highest level despite the fact that they will never be able to give you the highest input. There are exercises in my book MODERN SHAMANS that can assist you with maintaining your chakras.

Chakras need constant care. You have probably found this to be true in your own experience. Every day you go in and balance them and the next day they need to be cleared and balanced again. They are easily influenced by external forces, thoughts, old programs and beliefs. We can step out of that everyday circus by letting go the struggle and allowing Soul to take us to the next level of our journey into mastership.

Along with regular clients, I have been working with people for a few years now that have released their chakras. It has been interesting to witness how that changes their experience. I am also seeing through the kids that we all have different gifts and we learn in very different ways, especially if we have stopped using our chakras and are living from our core being. We can call that place heart but it doesn’t have to do with the heart chakra, it is our core being and in the physical that equates to our actual heart.

There is nothing you need to do to move into living from your core essence but to ALLOW it. Stop focusing on the chakras and all the healing they require and just welcome Soul – your light essence – to take the lead in you becoming the master you truly are.

We have been taught we are fragmented humans and, yes in this physical reality, we do experience fragmentation. The higher truth, however, is that we are whole, magnificent beings who are having a human experience. We just have to accept that as the truth and live from that perspective.

The kiddos and I will work with the energy field as a whole where they tune in to that part of them that knows all the answers to life’s challenges. When this becomes the norm for each of us, we can navigate in this world while remaining true to who they are.