The Highly Intuitives

There has been a theme in the experiences I have been having and the people I have been meeting so I am testing the waters to see what is wanting to come through me in this regard. It has all been focused around the people who are highly intuitive and how they are expressing in the world.

This has nothing to do with groups that have been labeled the Indigo or Crystal Children, the millennials or any particular age group. These people span any age from small children to the elderly. They came in as highly creative and intuitive empaths. For the most part, this group has been ignored or considered weird – something has to be wrong with them because they are not like the other children. Oftentimes, parents, schools and employers have not known how to bring out their gifts so the person is left on their own to figure life out – often with disastrous effects.

I want to state here that the following are some commonalities I have witnessed and that this certainly does not apply to all the intuitive empaths, but it does affect many.

It has become apparent to me that many children come into this world open, but begin learning it is not safe to express their true feelings by the time they start school and by fifth grade many have shut down and have begun looking at life as the masses do. They may have been told they need to grow up and yet they are still children. They are expected to do all they are told, even if it is detrimental, or they must suffer the consequences. They are shamed for their unique abilities and way of viewing the world. Dreams are just dreams. Their invisible friends definitely have to go. What they see in their outer world does not match what they know and experience in their inner world. It is very confusing. And many find it is easier and safer to put aside their ability to see and interact with the invisible realm, to think creatively, and to use any gifts they may have such as healing, precognition, traveling in the inner worlds, and empathic abilities. It all hurts too much and the consequences are too great.

So what happens to these Intuitives as they get older? Some learn to navigate in this dense energy and live a useful, but probably never totally satisfying, life. Some find kindred souls to validate them. Some use their gifts to manipulate people and events to get what they want. Some are diagnosed with various disorders and are drugged. Some ramble through the younger years and later resort to addictions to numb out. Some immerse themselves in their work. Some develop health issues because they are not expressing their true nature. Remember these are highly creative people so there are many different ways they find to cope.

I have questioned what could be accomplished for these people and for humanity if they and their abilities were recognized and honored. I believe it would be a totally different story for this planet. So my thought is to provide an online format for Intuitives to share their story and how they have overcome the challenges that life has presented to them. There is no doubt a wealth of information to be shared. Did I mention these are highly creative people?

Perhaps many have buried their truth deep inside but I believe there are many others who have come through the system intact and desperately want to connect with like-hearted people. I do not believe it is ever too late for anybody. Once we start this, the “Sleeping Intuitives” will begin to recognize themselves and remember that wonderful part.

Through this platform, you can connect with each other and share experiences on a one-to-one basis. There can be videos, articles, the ability to video chat with others on the site, and whatever else you and my talented webmaster can conceive. That could be stellar because you are all awesome!! So I, along with my helpers, will happily set up a website for this purpose. However, because of the time, energy and expense involved, we would have to charge a nominal monthly fee for membership to this website. We will certainly do our best to create a dynamic and rewarding experience for those who participate, but there has to be substantial interest in it for us to make this kind of commitment.

So if this is of interest to you, I would love to have your input and ideas on what you would like to have included. If you would send an email via the Contact Page with your feedback and stating if you have an interest in joining such a site, that will help us determine if this is a project that people want and are willing to help us grow. If you know of someone who might be interested, please pass the word.

I would love to hear your story and how you have weathered the challenges of an Intuitive or as the friend or family member of an Intuitive. Together we can create a life-changing experience!


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