Color as Frequency

Color as Frequency

As the Light came into this dualistic reality, it split into many color rays. The ones we are most familiar with are red, scarlet, magenta, orange, yellow, lemon, green, turquoise, blue, indigo, violet and purple. This fragmentation is much like the sun shining through a crystal prism. The colors varied in intensity to the extent that some appeared to be black.

The colors are light and light is information. Each color carries its own specific information pattern. Truth is the combination of all the color rays. To have complete truth, we need all colors. Until now, we have had limited access to many color rays, so we have been missing the frequency and information those rays carry.

Not embodying the full color spectrum causes challenges in our everyday lives. First, it can be difficult to communicate with people who are operating from a different color base than we use, because we come from two different places. No matter how hard we try to communicate, we may never understand each other. This does not mean we can’t love each other, but we may never feel we understand the other person. On the other hand, it could set up a complementary relationship to have someone presenting the other side of things to us. It depends on the people and the situation.

The second challenge is that it is difficult to make healthy choices when we have only part of the truth. The more colors we can access, the greater our base of information and understanding will be. Sometimes, however, we have experiences that cause certain colors to separate from us or become muddy, fractured, faded or muted. When this happens, we may know something is not right, but are not be able to identify exactly what is wrong. We just know that things are out of balance.

When we experience fragmentation, we are easy targets for deception as the story of Melissa demonstrates.

Melissa felt depressed and that her life was flat. When we tuned in to the source of the problem, we were taken back to before she came into any physical embodiment. She was primarily of the violet light ray. In that existence, she had metaphorically speaking gone out to play and got “lost.” Her parents called to her, but she did not hear and they could not find her.  

She was alone, afraid and felt abandoned. In this turmoil, the rose color split from the violet and she was left with only the blue ray, leaving her with only half her essence. After the blue and rose colors were separated, the rose was missing from all she did so everything came out distorted. 

Before she got lost she was in a fluid movement. The trauma caused her to make a downward turn and get stuck in a circle of abandonment and fear, cutting off the other half of her expression. She didn’t even realize what had happened.

          She believed this was real, so she continued lost and alone until we found this in the clearing. We brought in her original blueprint, which put the energy back into her life causing the flatness to dissipate.

Then we saw she was not used to operating from both parts so her emotions were jumbled. She was afraid to go to her parents and face the music. She was angry they had not come to find her and she was ashamed for believing the lie. We bathed the pieces in the rainbow pool of light, restoring the colors of each of the bodies to their original brightness and clarity. This allowed her to have a joyous reunion with her etheric parents.

The amazing part of this is she could have gotten out of her dilemma instantly if she had recognized it was all an illusion, but while in the illusion, she didn’t see it for what it was and so she remained stuck.

When we don’t have our colors, we forget who we are. It is like taking away part of our vibration. It is like wearing gray every day. Life is flat and we lose our identity. This causes fear of annihilation. This fear of not existing is so real that we accept substitute colors, even if we don’t resonate with them. They don’t work for us or feel right, but at least they fill the void.

In this space, it can be uncomfortable to be around people that are operating from their true color frequency. It is a reminder that we are not operating at that frequency. So we often avoid these beings because we feel alone and miserable.

By calling back our own colors we free ourselves from illusion. When we see our colors, we immediately recognize them and get excited. It is like going into a candy store and seeing all the bright colored candies. We recognize them and it feels good to have them back.

If you would like to retrieve your lost colors or “shine up” the ones you have, you can try the following exercise. Don’t judge any you see as no color is better than another. None is bad or unacceptable. We need the deep rich colors, as well as the lighter shades. They give us depth. Each serves a purpose. Remember they are frequency.

Rainbow Pool Exercise

The rainbow pool resembles a swimming pool but instead of water it is filled with liquid light. You can float on it, swim through it and breathe under it. The light flows in patterns and various colors according to what you need at the time.

When you are tired or feel off center, you can imagine yourself standing, sitting or floating in the rainbow pool. As you rest in the rainbow colors, ask that they fill you with any color light you are lacking, and that any colors that are not vibrating at the highest be cleared and brought to the right hue and intensity for you. You can also ask for rejuvenation.

The rainbow pool allows you to be who you are, never forcing change, but creating a space for healing and transformation. It is a much softer energy than bathing in a fountain of white light. The white light works well for those pieces that need cleaning and that can handle the intensity, while the rainbow of light is for those who are in distress and need a gentler approach.

Use this technique often. You can even go to sleep in the Rainbow Pool every night.