Substance Dependency

Substance Dependency

Addictions seem to be prevalent in today’s culture with cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs at the top of the list as most harmful. Some people can use a substance and have no need to continue its use while others are “hooked” immediately. There are many reasons for this and my book Shaman’s Vision goes into an indepth discussion on things we seem to be helpless to stop. Since this is a very large subject, there will be a series of newsletter posts on addictive substances and we will begin by addressing marijuana.

Since marijuana has been legalized in some states, the number of people using it has greatly increased. The clearings I have done do not generally include people who are using it occasionally for spiritual purposes so I am not including them in these statements, but it does include those who have used it on a regular basis for medical reasons. I see it has affected them as significantly as it has recreational users. They, however, feel the benefits outweigh the negatives. Sometimes we make difficult choices.

I have looked at the plant itself and its energy is very different from the entity that works through it. This is probably why people who use it occasionally in a prayerful manner do not usually have the same dependency as regular users. It is like the plant has been commandeered by the entity who then uses it to get into the user’s energy field. It could not do this if the person’s energy field was strong and intact. Unfortunately most people who are looking for escape or relief do not have a strong field.

Some people come to me because they have experimented with the drug and have seen that frequent and prolonged use is affecting them and their ability to reason – they say they are foggy and just don’t feel well after using. They want to quit but have not been able to escape its hold. It appears that will power alone is not enough to break the hold that it has on the individual. There can be many reasons for this, and the following paragraphs from Shaman’s Vision reveal that it is well to look at what is going on in one’s life that is causing the need and to also check if the person is under the control of the energy-sucking entity that works through the substance.

Drugs (recreational and prescription) are used to eliminate or control many things, including pain, disease, body ailments, depression, unwanted behaviors, stress, etc. The problem in using any kind of drug is that the original issue is not addressed. A healthier approach is to clear whatever is causing the root problem so the body does not experience disease or have the need for drugs.

Marijuana is considered the least harmful of any of the recreational drugs in use today. People swear by the benefits of it, such as pain and stress relief. While it is true there are some advantages to its use, it is well to also look at the energetic price one pays.

The marijuana entity is an energy being. It is huge and has many tentacles. These tentacles go out to the people who use it and attach to their power center. It promises to give relief from physical and emotional pain, but in return it wants the users’ power. These people were not solidly in their power to begin with or they would not have started using marijuana, but its use weakens their field even more. The release feels good at the time, but it creates a fog around the head and vibrational blockages in the energy field, taking users even further from their power.

Many people alive today came into their physical bodies with tender, open hearts. This world feels harsh and unsupportive to them. War, poverty, terrorist attacks, greed, power struggles, and deceit are realities they find painful. It feels as though the insanity around them wants to destroy their heart and belief in self. Since these people do not feel supported, they choose to go into the space pot smoking creates, because it is a way to escape both what they don’t understand and the world they find so difficult. Smoking marijuana softens the pain for awhile.

There may be many other things to also consider in releasing dependence on this substance, but these are two that are worth considering for those who want to stop using and reclaim their power.