The Inspired Life

The Inspired Life

Living the Inspired Life sounds really nurturing, but what does that even mean, where does inspiration come from and how does one live it? The simple answer is, “It is immersing self in the higher energies and thereby going beyond the daily challenges to a space where all possibilities and answers exist.” Some would say, “It is living from the heart.”

In this space there is no need for processing or healing the past. We see that it was all just part of the experience. However, if one wants to focus on their pain, insecurities, and lack, there will always be stuff to heal, but what I am talking about is going beyond that where it no longer carries any weight. It no longer affects us or keeps us from moving forward in life. This is stepping into and being the master we truly are. And yes, this is possible here and now in our lifetime. This is a journey we can share and support each other through AND at the same time, we each travel it individually. It is both. Life seems to have many things that seem contradictory and yet both can be true.

Inspiration can come from many sources – a hug, a great meal, a good night’s sleep, a dream, appreciation, a walk in nature, quiet time. It can be something someone says or does, a force that flows through us, a belief that impassions us, inner guidance that touches us. But in general, it is a force that enlivens us. These kinds of blessings can come from our outer world or our inner. Wherever they are generated, we can use them to trigger more of these uplifting thoughts and feelings and eventually, with a little practice, they will propel us into an inspired life.

We can grow the thoughts and feelings that allow us to feel good by knowing that we can’t get it wrong, accepting whatever comes as a potential for experience, feeling it is okay to relax and flow with it, viewing self and life with compassion, and accepting that all is perfection.

If you are feeling chaos, desperation, obligation, and overwhelm, that is not living the inspired life and this never ends well. Should such a situation present itself, step back, do the exercise below so you can again open to possibility. There is always a better way. Ask for the inspired way to come forth for you. When you are in ease, it will be there for you to access.

Living the inspired life has more to do with how you feel rather than what you are doing. Some days you do something and it feels good and perfect and brings you joy and enthusiasm. The next day you do the same thing and the results are totally different. So it is about being and doing what fires your passion in each moment. It could be cleaning house which doesn’t sound inspiring to many people, but on certain days, it may be to you.

We all have different things that inspire us, so our life can’t be compared to another’s. Two people can be doing the same thing and one would say their life was inspired while the other might whine that their life is awful and that they got a bad deal in life. Even within ourselves most of us have days when we feel on top of our game and days we don’t.

So it is difficult to say what an inspired life looks like because it changes from person to person, day to day, and moment to moment. What can be said though is that it consists of staying in flow, being open to potentialities, allowing opportunity to come to you, and then receiving it with open arms when it presents itself.

This is an exercise you can use to access the sacred place within self. This might be something you do before you even get out of bed instead of hitting the snooze button. It doesn’t take a lot of time. Relax, but not so much you go back to sleep. Drop all thoughts of what you have to do, what you will have for breakfast, etc. It might help to imagine the clouds as thoughts and then go far above them where it is calm and peaceful. You can think of something that causes you to feel gratitude. Go into that feeling as deeply as you can, allowing all else to fade. Just stay in that feeling and let it fill you.

In that space, you may notice that there is nothing around. There is no sound, no light, nothing but the peace. Expand this out to all areas of your life – relationships, work, health, etc. Allow yourself to just enjoy the expansion and the peace. As you just BE in this space of nothing, solutions, clarity, ideas, images will come to mind. It’s like your day and all of life comes into focus. Just be with it. You don’t have to do anything, but observe.

Once you feel satiated, make some notes as the visions and feelings can quickly fade. You can then use these notes as a starting point for what you do and where you go next in life. As you walk forward on this path you just visioned, things may change that take you in a new direction. That is okay because this is about having a direction AND being willing to shift it as you proceed.