Growing Pains

Growing Pains

Those of us on our journey to realizing we are enlightened beings are raising our frequency. As we do this energetically, the physical body is under pressure to keep up. This can create some disturbances in the physical body because, in order to step up its vibration, the old, low-vibration energies have to go to make room for the new. These low-vibration energies have been filed away from life’s experiences, whether we remember them or not.

Think of all the times you fell and skinned your knee, got chased by a dog, or hit your head on the sidewalk. Then there were the times you were sick with chickenpox, the flu or cold. Also consider the times you were disappointed or had your heart broken because things didn’t go as you planned. You were probably told to “put on your big girl panties” and get on with life, which you did because you didn’t know what else to do.

Physical illness and pain are not the only energies that get stored in the body. Whatever we were experiencing on a mental and emotional level at the time is also stored because there is no part of us that is separate – all parts are interconnected. All of it is stored somewhere in the body.

If you are experiencing aches and pains, flu and colds, etc. perhaps they are symptoms from past illnesses that are just making their way out of the body. Do not think you are doing anything wrong. Don’t get discouraged and think you are going backwards – it’s all part of the journey into the new physical. It is a cleansing. You may say, “But I haven’t been sick in years” and you look at what you ate or the people you have been around when most likely it has nothing to do with anything but your own transformation. In order to live in the higher frequency, anything that does not support that has to go. The pain or symptoms that originated and got stored at birth, in childhood or adulthood may resurface. Oftentimes, they come up suddenly and leave just as quickly. Just allow them to pass through. When there is no resistance, it can do that more quickly.

If they continue, you may need to take some physical action to help you move things through more quickly. Advertisers would like to have you think that their product is exactly what you need to alleviate all your problems. Yes, meds may be helpful. However, the other side of that is that meds may mask the symptoms and in the process, stop the cleansing so the body doesn’t heal and balance itself. If you need medicine, by all means take it, AND also consider that there are other things that can help as well, such as resting, supplements, plenty of fluids with electrolytes, watching uplifting programs, Epsom salt soaks, energy clearing, body work (massage, chiropractics, acupuncture, etc.), or alkalizing your body system. You can also ask the body what it needs. Do what feels right to you. It’s your body and no one knows it better than you.

I use various things to help my body when it is distressed; however, my first “go-to” is using Light energy. When I have something “off” in my body, the first thing I do is to lie down, relax, and flush that area with Light. As long as I focus on the Light and not the pain, I usually get relief. I have noticed too that when I stop this Light bath, it is best to not give it another thought. If we are expecting the pain to be there, chances are it will be. So I just say thank you and go on about my day.

Until you have done it several times when you are feeling well, this next technique may be a bit more challenging, especially when you are not feeling well. You can experience your whole body as light. After all, we are light beings that have become dense enough to be in physical form. Sometimes we forget that we are light first and physical second. So by experiencing yourself as the light you truly are, you remind the body that is has gotten off track and can bring it back to its higher frequency.

We are transforming and there may be some “growing pains” along the way. Be patient with yourself if you are having things come up in your body. Just ask your body and innate intelligence what, if anything, you need to do. We have never done this transformation before so we are all learning as we go. Let’s do it with as much ease, grace and joy as possible.