The Sensory Experience

The Sensory Experience

Our senses are a gift. We may not always agree with that because they allow us to feel sadness, pain, disgust, anger, or abandonment. These same senses also allow us to feel happiness, gratitude, love, confidence, and excitement.

We don’t just experience one sense; we are experiencing a number of them at the same time. Like fall – you feel it, smell it, see it, hear it and even taste it. We are also having that experience in our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies all together. What we sense can cause a flood of feelings to rush through us that can be overwhelming.

While we are consciously feeling the rush, the part of us I call the I AM is screaming, “Bring it on! This is awesome!” This may be hard to believe but that part of us is all about experiences and having a variety of them through what we call this physical body. Without the physical body, the sensual experience is not possible. Michael taught me that.

Michael died rather suddenly. His home was close to a main road and every time I drove by, my attention was drawn to his house. I just thought it was me thinking about him. Then one day a Native American friend and I were on that road and I heard Michael screaming my name. I realized it was not just me. So we drove up to his vacant house. Through his communication, I knew it was about the medicine wheel he had created. The medicine wheel is a portal that is set up for a purpose and I asked my Native friend what was the protocol once a person died and no one tended it. She said it needed to be dismantled and the prayer ties burned. We removed the rocks and I took the ties with me not sure where I would burn them. Michael had an answer for that. In my mind, appeared a park with a fireplace. Perfect! It took about an hour, which seemed a long time for the ties to burn. As the smoke ascended, I was very aware of his prayers being released. When the fire died, he asked if he could come into my body and look out over the lake with human eyes one more time. I am not one for allowing anyone to enter my body, but it felt appropriate, so I did. He looked out at the beauty of the lake and the fall foliage and I felt what he felt. It was such a gift to both of us! In that moment, I knew what a precious gift it was to have the ability to see through human eyes. Yes, he could see energies, but human site is very different and he longed to have it one more time. This happened many years ago, but I have never forgotten the event or the feeling we shared.

Since I am entering another phase in life, I have been looking at what I still want to accomplish on this sweet Earth to feel complete when I leave here. The memory of Michael returned and I knew that the senses were a part of that. I also thought of the lady with the big hat in Under the Tuscan Sun. She immersed herself in whatever she was doing and felt it to her core. Some people thought she had lost her mind (maybe she did), others loved her childlikeness, and some just chalked it up to her being the crazy lady.
We have such opportunity in this human form and we run from it because it hurts, it’s too good to be true, it can’t be, it’s too overwhelming, I’m afraid, I’ll get hurt, or people will get upset with me. The excuses for not allowing ourselves to experience the senses go on and on.

What would happen if we let go of all that resistance and just allowed the I AM part of self to bring to us what we most need in every moment? It might be a whole lot better than laying out wishes and demands from the personality level. As I thought about this, I realized that some of the most profound experiences I have had came “out of the blue”. They weren’t anything I could have thought up and some were things I might not have consciously chosen, but without a doubt, they all had a deep and meaningful effect on me.

It goes without saying, that in order to have such synchronicity, we have to be following our I AM without hesitation. This means going into that place on a regular basis so we begin to know that part and live from the peace and harmony it offers. In that space, the flood of thoughts and emotions slow and a contented joy fills your being. That is the space from which to make plans and decisions. You realize that everything is perfect AND you see your way to go forward. (Remember, life on Earth is not about good and bad and being judged – it is all about the experience!)

It would be wonderful to live 24/7 from this place. As we spend time each day in the peace of I AM, the seconds, minutes, hours we experience it in our daily life increases. Eventually every moment will originate from that peaceful calm, and life will be greater and more heart-centered than we can imagine.

Enjoy being human! Enjoy your senses!