Oil & Vinegar Therapy

Oil & Vinegar Therapy

Life’s rules seemed to have changed. And they changed overnight! We used to be able to set goals and outline the steps to achieve them and then tick off each item as we did it. It was a very logical, linear approach to getting things done. And it worked. But now I can only say, “Good luck with that one!” Is that working for anyone anymore?? Perhaps a few, but if you are one who likes to plan and get things organized and laid out, this is no minor game changer.

We have been learning that we are awesome beings and that we can have comfort, love, joy, and be of service, not as slaves, but in joyful ways that feed our souls. We are assured this is not selfish. Living this way is attainable and our greatest contribution to the world. Hm…

This is a complete change from the thinking I grew up with but I believe it because when I do live from that space, I see how wonderfully people and events respond. Some people made the shift quite brilliantly, but some are still in the transition phase. After spending the last year in a life transition, I can personally attest to the fact that transition is not always a joyful event.

We wonder how we can let go of hard work and struggle – we have bills to pay and stuff to get done! After all, we were taught that the only way to get the money to pay the bills and accomplish anything was to work really hard. If things aren’t working, it must be that we aren’t working hard enough. So we put our nose to the grindstone (where did that saying come from anyway???) and trudge on.

Perhaps you find you are shifting quite nicely. Things are going well. Then you feel you lapse back into the old patterns of fear and worry. You aren’t really going backwards; it is just another layer of old patterns and programs pushing their way to the surface so you can let them go. It is all part of the process.

We can make the shift instantly, but most of us do it in increments. As more of the old releases, we rise higher in consciousness – it bumps us up another notch. Say you are standing still and someone gently (or not so gently) pushes you. It moves you from that spot. In that brief moment, you feel off balance but you quickly right yourself and then go on from that place, not the one you were originally in. Most everyone has these moments so don’t get down on yourself and ask why you can’t stay in the uplifted feeling of flow. You are doing great; just keep taking the next step. As the Rodney Atkins’ song says, “If you’re going through hell keep on movin’, face that fire, walk right through it, you might get out before the devil even knows you’re there.”

I have had lots of challenges come up with the move that felt like I was walking through hell. It was all I could do to walk through each situation that presented itself and I was exhausted long before the end of the day. There was no figuring it out. The brain didn’t have the answers no matter how hard I tried to make it give them to me.

I meditated, wrote in my journal, did retrievals and releasements, repeated the four Ho’oponopono statements, listened to uplifting talks and anything else I could think of to keep myself in a good space. These things helped but I couldn’t maintain the relief for long. I was breathing with Abraham’s Getting into the Vortex and he mentioned our “natural well-being”. That really struck a chord with me so I meditated on that phrase. I wrote in my journal about it. I realized that by taking my attention off the problem and focusing on my well being I was beginning to feel better. I continued writing. When I finished and went about my day, everything fell into place. People were kind and helpful. Things I had been trying to get resolved for weeks finally came together. My focus shifted my energy and I knew exactly how to proceed and people were there to help!

So how can we get into our natural state of well-being? This can be different for everyone and I have gone about it in many different ways myself. But the one I have had the most fun playing with I call “Oil and Vinegar Therapy”.

While I was in Rapid City, a friend invited me to a brunch he had prepared. The table was laden with a vast array of fresh fruit, berries, cheeses, meats, crackers, breads and vinegar and oil. They weren’t just any vinegars and oils; they were the expensive flavored ones you purchase from the oil store. I dipped and swirled one of the delicacies in Tuscan Herb oil that he had paired with Black Mission Fig balsamic vinegar. That first bite was such a surprise! My taste buds danced. I felt opulence surely only wealthy people felt! I tried all the flavors and combinations of them. I knew if ever I felt poor, this would remind me that I am abundant.

Before I left town, he and I went to the oil store and I chose four vinegars and two oils and, I can’t forget the Black Truffle Infused Salt! My move was going to be costly, but I knew I had to purchase some of these awesome treasures to help me remember what abundance tasted like should I forget.

A big part of the human experience is our senses. We rely on our sense of sight, hearing and touch to monitor our feelings. We also sometimes use aromatherapy to change our moods, but taste seems to be the neglected sense. Sure we eat, but how often do we pause to really taste what we put in our mouths? I have found that awesome flavors and this sense can take me to new heights. I frequently use Oil and Vinegar Therapy, and I have extended this same appreciation to all foods. A side benefit to this is I am eating foods that are more supportive to my body.

So many spiritual practices are tough to follow, but if you find something that is a real taste sensation for you, it will be no problem. Take a bite and allow it to transport you to nirvana. So what will be your “Oil and Vinegar Therapy”?