Chakras and the Matrix

Chakras and the Matrix

We live in a matrix. The matrix is a construct that we, as soul along with the overlord, participated in creating. We have gotten so caught up in life here that we have forgotten there is a matrix and that we helped create it. This causes us to feel helpless. We have lost sight of the fact that we are creator beings. And although we have forgotten, we are still creating; we just aren’t doing it consciously. We live our lives plugging away. We think all our thoughts originate within us, never realizing that many are fed to us to keep us trapped in the program – a program that won’t allow us to remember our magnificence.

While we have been asleep at life, the overlord stayed awake. This being and its helpers tell us we need them and that we are not able to do anything of substance on our own. We are like children, when told something often enough, we believe it. We come to accept that we aren’t worth much and that we need gods, angels, ascended masters, crystals, spells, potions, etc. to protect us, provide for us, and get us through the day. Nothing could be further from the truth! This is not to say we have to give up all these external crutches all at once, but if we are living outside the matrix, we won’t “need” them.

From what I can tell, there are two aspects of the matrix that keep us trapped in this program – time and the chakra system. Perhaps we will discuss time later, but for now we will address the chakra system. The chakra system is a device that was installed to keep us running the old programs and keep us hooked into the matrix. To give you a visual, in the movie “The Matrix”, we saw Neo in the pod as the cords that kept him connected into the matrix fell from his body. This was remarkable, but it was only part of his journey. He saw the truth of the construct, but he still had to learn how to live in this world and yet not be subject to it. I believe this is what it means for us to become enlightened masters.

Each of us can disconnect from the matrix. We do this by going inside ourselves to our core essence beyond time and where the chakras have no power. That is where we find truth. We do this every day until we learn to live from that place. We still have a physical body and we still live in this world, but we do so from a higher state of awareness. This changes how we see and act in the world. As we give the chakras less and less importance, they begin to fade. Beyond this, there is nothing else we have to do. Trying to push the process is not a good idea because that could cause difficulty adjusting to our new reality. Our innate intelligence knows exactly what to do so be patient and allow it to guide you through the process.

Once we disconnect, we may no longer be hooked into it, but it can take some time for us to learn the new way of being on this planet. Because it is new, the old will not translate into it very well. So things probably won’t work the same. Some people get confused and feel life isn’t working here once they disconnect. They would just as soon go back to sleep and reinsert themselves back into the matrix. Life doesn’t seem to work because they are caught between the two realities. They know the truth and are no longer connected, but they need an adjustment period to learn how to live in this world using their core essence as their guide.

We helped create this reality and as we wake up to that fact, it is our choice how we interact with it. “Why would we continue to play this mindless game?” you might ask. It is for the same reason we do everything – experience. We are here to have as many of the contrasting experiences that Earth has to offer as we can possibly squeeze into our lifetime. We must remember we are experiencers! And, though it may feel quite the opposite at times, we love it!

As the chakras take a back seat to living from our core essence, we are inspired and guided to live here as the masters we truly are. Let’s wake up to the magnificence of our being!