What’s It All About?

What’s It All About?

Two questions I often hear are, “What is my purpose and what am I supposed to be doing with my life?” The fact that we are asking those questions shows a rise in consciousness. No one questioned that in the past. You just did what was expected of you. It shows we are moving forward and we don’t quite know what that looks like yet.

Maybe it will help to go back to the basics. It takes three things working together to manifest and for life to flow. We have all heard many times about the importance of integrating body, mind and spirit. The mind equals logic. The body equals action – it carries out the decisions we make and it does the research so the mind has the information it needs. And spirit/emotions/heart (whatever you choose to call that part) equals intuition.

All three need to be healthy and working together in order for us to make wise choices otherwise we are living from our wounds and old programs. Living from that perspective makes it really difficult to see our path and we end up making the same choices over and over – choices that never did work. So the first thing we can do is get healthy on all levels.

It seems that many people who are asking about their purpose feel they aren’t doing enough and are therefore trying to force themselves to make decisions that they aren’t ready to make. The timing is off because they don’t have all the information or they have yet to release beliefs, opinions, relationships, guilt, etc. that conflict with the changes that are coming. It is easy to get ahead of ourselves because it is not uncommon to feel change coming months (perhaps longer) before it arrives – we know something is about to happen, we just don’t know what or when. This can cause us to be restless.

In looking back, I see my whole life has been preparing me for this time. There have been times when things were on a plateau and times when the tempo was so fast I could barely keep pace. This is one of those times when things are full speed ahead. I have had to learn and to release many things in a short time span. Prized theories, beliefs that seemed so true, reliance on people, beings and things outside self, energy-sucking relationships with people and places, fear, hesitation, confusion, chakras, and resistance can not follow where I am going. This has to happen for all of us or we stay stuck in old programs which cause us to feel stagnant and alone. We would not be open to receive all the wonderful things that are to come while still caught up in the old ways.

The cleansing process may or may not be complete, but I am moving on knowing that my divine self will let me know if there is something else to heal, release or change. It can be a big trap to get caught up in processing because there will always be something else to process. So at some point, we let it all go and move forward allowing whatever we need to come to us – and it will! The things that are preventing us from evolving will most assuredly come forward without any forcing on our part. We need this so we are totally present and stable in the new being we are morphing into. So the second thing we may want to do is release the old to make room for the new.

When we let go, our answers come as if by magic. For instance, I had a major decision to make that was weighing on me. Do I take this path or that? Both were equally appealing and neither seemed to shine brighter than the other. I wanted both, but saw no way to have both without splitting my energy. I meditated, prayed for a sign, made lists of the advantages/disadvantages of each, and discussed the possibilities with a couple of friends. Numerous times, I even released the mental gymnastics I was experiencing, which worked until someone asked how that particular area of my life was going, which put me right back into trying to figure it out.

There was no figuring it out – the mind did not have the answer! I knew that, or I would have had it by now. Trying to find the answer only got me more confused than ever. So eventually, I decided to shelve making the decision until after my trip to Santa Fe. I didn’t really have to have an answer until then. Giving myself those few weeks reprieve took the pressure off.

Although I was no longer playing the scenarios out in my head, I continued to gather information and take action on things that came to me in meditation. I wasn’t worrying about a solution or looking for an outcome. I was just following my nose in each moment.

During my time in Santa Fe, I knew I had to connect with a friend. It had been hard to schedule a time, but we finally got together. As we talked, I related to her one of my options and was surprised at the new sense of heaviness I felt as I spoke. She had some ideas on the subject that sounded doable and I thought I would try them, but none of them really excited me. Then I told her about my other idea. Joy and passion filled me. It was so intense that tears ran down my cheeks. I had my answer! A huge weight lifted.
The mind could not give me my answer and neither could my heart. The time just wasn’t right and I didn’t have all the information.

By letting go of all thought on the matter, I freed myself to focus on following through on each seemingly unrelated thing that presented itself. I followed the stepping stones. This brought the answer without me even seeing it until I had that conversation with my friend. So the next steps you can take are to acknowledge the situation, be gentle with self and do what you can to relieve the pressure. Watch the signs, and be patient.

No one outside self can tell us what is best for us. We need body, mind and spirit working together to bring us our answers and show us our path. Well-intentioned family, friends, ascended masters, psychics, and channelers all have a limited view because all they see and know is based upon their own wounds, experiences, and agendas. So how can they possibly see what is best for us? They may be able to ask the right questions or say the right thing that helps us bring forth our own answers, but they can’t provide them. That has to come from our own core essence. To follow advice from anyone without questioning its validity can bring consequences we may not like.

If this resonates with you, be sure to go into your sacred space every day. Experience the peace inside of you. In that peace, you will know your truth. Trust that the answers are there and that when you need to know and act, they will come forward. In the meantime, have patience. Do your research and gather information in your outer world. As was my case, there may be some piece of the puzzle you still need to make your decision. Follow any stepping stones you are guided to take. Do all you know to do in a relaxed manner. It will come.