The End of Chakras

The End of Chakras

This article comes with a warning. If you are not ready to consider a new way of looking at chakras, you may not want to read this. When I first heard the idea, I didn’t know what to think so I put it on the back burner and just let it simmer. It started popping up everywhere I turned, in things I read online, in conversations with friends, and I saw it happening in my clients. I couldn’t ignore it, so I started really paying attention. At this point in time, it has been over a year that I have been working with the idea and there has been enough input that it feels the time is right to address this subject.

Eastern religions and all good new-agers know about chakras and work diligently to keep them clear. So the presence of chakras and the need for them is a well-accepted belief for many. They feel we can’t live without them. I wrote about chakras in MODERN SHAMANS and what I wrote there is still valid for many people, but not for everyone.

My work is showing me something very different, and it is becoming more prominent with each client I see. At this time, I would say that about one third to one half of my clients have or are in the process of entering the new paradigm. So what is this new paradigm?

We are evolving out of the need for chakras. I don’t blame you if right now you want to quit reading, but perhaps if you continue, it will begin to make sense.

We are light beings, meaning we are made of pure light. Science says we are made of atoms, and atoms are made of protons and neutrons, which are composed of quarks. When we get right down to it, there appears to be nothing of substance making up these bodies that feel so solid. That is because our essence is light. And how bright we shine depends on many things like health, emotional state, thoughts, etc.

Chakras are made of light. They are really fragmented light. Think of rain or a crystal. When light shines through them, the light fragments into all the colors of the rainbow. They are stunningly beautiful and we love to look at them. Yet they are not the whole, they are only parts of the whole.

It is the same with chakras. When healthy, they are beautiful, but they are white light that has been fragmented. Why did this happen? I don’t pretend to know all the secrets of the universe, but I believe we, as soul, allowed it because it was a means to experience things we couldn’t have as fully integrated beings. By taking things apart, we learned about the whole, but in that space, we have not been able to experience the whole. It has been a long journey, but when we began it, we knew we could never be harmed and that all would come back together in the end. It was an opportunity for a grand adventure!

That experience is ending now and we are coming out of the state of fragmentation we have existed in for eons. We are venturing back into our true state which is wholeness. Fragmentation has no place in this new paradigm.

We are opening to our true self. We are beginning to live from our core essence. Sure, there are people who will continue to live from their chakras because they need them or at least believe they still need them. So it is well to be aware of chakras and the role they can play in ones life.

The shift from chakras into the core essence is a natural happening. There isn’t anything we need to do. Some clients have moved into their core essence and didn’t even realize it was happening. Some people have consciously removed their chakras, but I would not recommend this as there can be repercussions.

The area I’d like to address is where most of my clients fall. They come to me because they know something is happening and don’t understand what it is. Life seems off and they think they are doing something wrong. They try to use the chakras as they always have but it’s no longer working. They work tirelessly polishing their chakras, thinking that must be the problem. They work even harder to strengthen them not realizing that this is what has been slated to happen. By putting their focus on the chakras, they are creating resistance to the process and perpetuating the role of their chakras. Through all of this, their core essence is trying to step into the forefront. I believe this is our next step in evolution!

If this material causes negative emotions to come to the surface, look at what is causing them. Why does it bother you? If you have questions, send me an email on the Contact Page and I will attempt to answer it next month.