The word “passion” brings up many things in people. Dreamy movies. Sufferings of Jesus. Strong emotion. Memories of failure or success. Love affairs – to name a few.

Since I have had some harsh experiences expressing my passion, I began observing the reaction people had for those who expressed their dreams with passion. If a person was too exuberant, those present often stared in shock as she happily talked about her plan. Then they told her all the reasons it could never happen. On one occasion, I witnessed a room full of people start talking amongst themselves and actually leave the room while the speaker expressed her dreams with joy and enthusiasm. For some reason, they didn’t want to hear them. I have heard people speak of their dreams but feel there was no way to manifest them as they lacked the time, money or other resources. When these and similar things happen often enough, a person tends to stop dreaming or at least stop telling anyone about them. They enter into a state of apathy and wander through life unhappy and unfulfilled.

Life gets small when we stop dreaming our dreams. It is boring and gets us nowhere. We need to feel inspired and excited in order to live large. When we are inspired, passion is a given – they go hand-in-hand. Passion is the fire that feeds the dream, which can never come into reality without that energy feeding it. Passion opens us to the inspiration that takes us out of the rut, allowing us to live from the heart doing and being all we can possibly be. So why do people squash another’s dream?

They may call themselves “realists”, but it appears to come down to them failing to live their own dreams. They, no doubt, have had their dreams squelched time and again and don’t believe any good can come from them. They learned it was safer to follow the rules laid out for them by their boss, family, teachers, doctors, priest, and friends depending on the situation. This leaves people going through the motions and seeing little value in their own life. They aren’t happy, but it feels safe.

People who have stopped dreaming go into a hopeless place where nothing seems possible. They stop dreaming their dreams and instead put the energy into seeing all the reasons their dreams can’t manifest rather than allowing the “how” to come to them. Their thoughts block all possibility of that happening. It is often a mystery how things will be able to come about, but that is part of the ride – it’s like the slow climb up the hill on a roller coaster. There is so much anticipation and once at the top, the momentum takes over and you hang on for the ride.

That can also be scary because things happen quickly and it feels we’re not in control. Maybe we’re not! Life has ups and downs, but the car is on track taking us to the goal. We may not need the extreme ups and downs and much of that is determined by our mindset. To some people a gentle slope is just a bump in the road and to another it could be a huge deal. These are the times passion and love for the project can carry us over the rough spots.

Maybe it is time to think about what you want and what is keeping you from pursuing that dream. When I said this to someone, she said she didn’t have the money to do what she wanted. One answer to that is, “Perhaps there are steps that need to be taken first that will lead to the financial support.” Another thing to consider is if you really want to step out and commit to the dream, and is the lack of money a good excuse not to move forward? If you are experiencing the inability to step into your dream, go inside and get honest with yourself about what needs to happen. Remember by addressing the issue on the inside, it changes things on the outside.

If you don’t have the resources to manifest your dreams, perhaps look at what you can do in the moment to move towards them. Breaking them down into smaller pieces and doing what you can in the moment may seem frustrating when you can see a much bigger picture, but by accomplishing that one piece, it can build momentum. Sometimes the baby steps lead to the next step and the next. And sometimes things never jell. It is hard to know the outcome, and maybe the outcome isn’t that important. The experience may be more about what we learn in the process.

When we look at what we don’t have instead of the resources on hand and what we can do in the moment, we shut the energy down. I will share an experience. I was out hiking on a warm day in an area that I had been before, but decided to take a different trail. After walking for two hours uphill and downhill (I swear it was mostly up), my heart was pounding, my muscles were complaining loudly, my body was overheated, my face felt on fire, and my water was almost gone. The more my body hurt the more my brain wanted to tell me I was going to have a heart attack. I rested a couple of times, but it didn’t help much. Then I realized my focus was on how bad I felt, not on the beauty around me, which was difficult considering the rocky trail.

I reigned in my fear and exhaustion and began seeing my body taking in the life force with each breath. I walked slower so I could look around at the mountains. Before long my respiration lessened and I felt I could finish the hike without calling 9-1-1. I finished the hike and was proud of myself for changing my thinking and having the results I had. AND I was really relieved to be back at the car!

Embrace life. Release fear because it causes us to feel out of control and blocks flow. Let go of what you can’t control and walk forward doing what you want. No Fear!

You can try this exercise. Ask yourself what your passion is. Don’t hold back. If you don’t feel you have one, dream it from a space deep within. Let the mind release what it thinks is possible and just dream – imagine it. There is a part of you that knows what would feed your soul. Let it bring that to mind. No need to get real serious. Instead, play with it. See it and feel yourself doing it.

You have many multi-dimensional aspects. They exist in another time/space reality and many have already accomplished the dream you have. You can communicate with the aspect that knows the path to success to learn her secrets. Get quiet and imagine you are with her. Talk to her. What did it take for her to be successful? She is carrying the codes for success and you can ask that she share those with you. She will be happy to as they do not detract from her in any way. You may not be conscious of this encounter, but just know and trust that through your intention it is happening. Remember to always intend any work you do be for your best and highest good.

When you come back from this meeting, jot down any thoughts or inspirations you received even if they seem far out. It will all make sense as the pieces come together. Visit this multi-dimensional you as often as you like for more information and inspiration. You can also visit other aspects to gather other valuable information.

The next step is to act on any information you receive. You may not have the whole picture all at once, but start where you are. There may be course corrections needed as you go and that’s okay. You aren’t doing it wrong so don’t get into blaming self. Just go with each stepping stone as it presents itself.

When you begin getting inspired, it is important with whom you share your visions. Make sure to only share with those who will be supportive or at least not critical. You know who these people are – you have been there before!

Don’t be afraid of your dreams and having passion for them. If we can dream it, it is a reality somewhere and I believe it is possible to bring it into this reality.