Effects of Truth

Effects of Truth

As people are waking up, they begin to see the world around them in a new light. They see through the half-truths, deceptions and downright lies that are so rampant. Many are appalled at what they see. When in the hypnotic slumber, we don’t see truth and therefore accept what is presented by the media, corporations, doctors, churches, family and friends as the truth. We believe we have to do jobs we hate and get paid a wage that barely supports us and our family.

When people begin to see the lies, corruption, deception, entitlement and hatred that exist, they wonder why they should even bother. They have lost sight of their purpose and subsequently their passion for life. This puts them in a depressive state where nothing seems to matter.

If you are in this emotional upheaval, you may not be able to hear this right now, but I want you to know that I understand. AND I would like to present another side of this human experience we are having here on planet Earth. There is no end to the possible experiences we can have. With the smorgasbord of experiences from which to choose, I see potential! Any life experience we could possibly want is available to us. Anything is possible, as long it is aligned with our state of consciousness. We can live on the streets in poverty. We can live in wealth. We can take advantage of others. We can be of service to others. Anything we could possibly desire is available on this sweet Earth! She offers it all to us.

When we witness injustices, we may feel really sad, angry, frustrated, hopeless, or any number of emotions. Based on my experience, I offer a possible explanation for this. First of all, we are judging the experience. In reality, no experience is good or bad – it is all just experience. Everything that happens to us is for that “book of life” we are writing. Just think of the stories you will have to relate when you leave here! Think of the stories you tell today. The ones that get you the most attention are those that are the most impactful – the ones that affect you the most.

One other thing I will share is that the things that bother me the most are situations that I have not yet healed in myself. I have had a part in creating it either in this life reality or another. It’s not always something I could have controlled, but I FELT I should have done more. I offer this example.

I had a deep sadness for the Native Americans who, in the late 1800’s early 1900’s, were herded onto reservations and forced to attend the White Man’s schools. They were forced to give up their way of life, their religion, their language, and their children who were taken to boarding schools. Many could not reconcile the two lifestyles. They were forced to comply, but their spirits never really bought into the White Man’s way of living. They saw no way out and this led to hopelessness, depression, lack of self-worth and alcoholism. These souls are back today to heal their past. Many are not on reservations. They are living in the White Man’s world trying to get their lives to work. It is not easy. They still battle with the hopelessness, depression, lack of self-worth and alcoholism.

It is ironic that many of the Natives living on South Dakota’s Pine Ridge Reservation today are the White Men that created the situation back then! They are getting to live the life they created for others and they aren’t doing much better than their predecessors. Depression, hopelessness, lack of self-worth and alcohol are still rampant. And now you can add suicide to the list!

This touched my heart deeply because in the late 1800’s, I was a Native American chief in that area. I was sent to Washington on numerous occasions to negotiate treaties – treaties that were not honored. I left that life in deep depression at how we failed to stop the White Man and how we were deceived by him. While there was nothing that would have changed things, it FELT we should have done more.

I realize now that what I remember and what was recorded in the history books are only a thin slice of reality. There was so much more happening on different levels that hasn’t yet been seen. We can’t judge our lives or anyone else’s. One thing the clearing work has taught me is, “There are always reasons people do the things they do, no matter how crazy they appear to be.”
That life created so many conditions in my present life. I have healed that life and that allows me to see all the wonderful things I gained from the experience. It is also opening up ways to help my loved ones who are living the aftermath of their life then.

So even if life looks like it is going down the drain, stop judging all you see. The greatest thing you can do for yourself and others is release judgment. When we are not judging, we open to inspiration and that allows us to see possibilities that were previously not visible. This is how we can love life and, at the same time, take steps to change the less than desirable events.

Footnote: I refer to another life, but I want to be clear that I do not believe in reincarnation as such. My thoughts are that we live many life experiences, but we are living them all simultaneously. To live in this reality, we have clocks and we go from one event to the next. That causes us to think in linear terms, but when referring to reincarnation, I do not see things linearly.