Focus Counts

Focus Counts

Earlier, I posted an experience about shifting dimensions. You can read Which Reality Do You Choose? on This is a similar story. I am usually conscious of my thoughts and emotions, but recently I must have needed a reminder because I had a couple of experiences that were just that. I will tell the icky part of the story first. It may take a bit so bear with me.

Just before I was to leave for California, the Frontier ebola case came on the news. Now I am not concerned about getting some dreaded disease, but the thought that I could be quarantined because someone else has it was another thing. Thinking about this and the other things that happen at airports, I admit by the time I arrived at the airport, I was anxious about the day ahead, so much so, that I didn’t check if my boarding pass was stamped with the TSA pre-check. I could have saved myself a lot of grief if I had. But then I would have missed this opportunity!

If I have to have the full gate check, I ask for the opt-out so I don’t have to go through the x-ray scanner. Since they want to discourage that, they left me wait 15 minutes for a TSA agent to perform the scan. Meanwhile, my purse and backpack were on the other side of the barrier. I mentioned that to the man and he said, “You can go through the scanner right now if you want.” He furthered assured me there were so many cameras no one was going to bother my things. His tone of voice did not reassure me. After a few more incidences, I got through security.

I had a seat toward the back of the plane and I started feeling vertigo, which can be followed by nausea. Since I did not want to be the one suspected of carrying the dreaded disease, I asked the flight attendant for a seat closer to the front. She found one and the remainder of the flight went without incident. When I arrived, my luggage was no where around. It took a very long time for it to appear and no one was there to help with it. My ride was circling the airport. By the time we drove to our destination, I was exhausted!

While I was in California, I had time to review what had happened on the outbound flight and I saw that I had brought that whole experience to me. I realized my anxiety had put me in the line where I had to go through the strip down, take your shoes off, open your luggage, and have a total body scan. While I waited for the opt-out lady, many fearful people passed close by me. As they did, my insecurity attracted theirs causing mine to grow. Motion sickness is the result of not feeling in control and that was how I felt in that moment.

Not wanting to repeat the experience on the return trip, I talked to myself and moved into a good space before we left for the airport. It was a totally different experience. On the two hour drive through the city to the airport, the traffic was minimal and we got there early. I had TSA pre-check and breezed through security. I had time for breakfast and a leisurely stroll to my gate. I got an aisle seat in the front of the plane. We had a flight attendant that told jokes and even sang a song she had written about the airline. My luggage was coming onto the carousel as I approached and my ride home was waiting for me. The trip was quite pleasant.

What was the difference between these two experiences? Cynicism and worry. They can open the door to the experiences we fear and most want to avoid. Looking at the bad in the world shuts down our heart and constricts our world. It may be difficult to open our heart when we witness the world or the nightly news, but the only way through the mire is to stay in heart, not in fear, bitterness or anger.

What does “being in heart” mean? It covers many things, but in this instance, it is more than just hoping for the best. It is coming from a place of complete knowingness – that, yes this is happening AND, despite how it looks, all is perfect. It is knowing there is a reason and perfect course of action, even if we can’t see it in the moment. If we can stay in a place of peace and calm, we will be able to see what that is and allow things to work out. Strangely, things often magically “un-muddle” themselves when we are in that peaceful place.

It is like walking through a wind tunnel with objects flying at you. In the place of peace and clam, the wind may still be blowing, but the objects aren’t coming at you. You don’t have to duck and dodge them. It may take some energy to proceed, but you go forward without the bumps and bruises. This is not denial. You see it all and still remain in a place of love and respect for self and all life despite the darkness. In this place, you will see the best path forward.

One thing you might try in any situation that stresses you is – quiet your mind for just a minute and breathe in feelings of peace and calm. Then send that peace out into the world. This reduces fear in the overall consciousness so everyone is making better decisions. And it will allow others to respond to you in a more gracious manner.

So don’t be afraid to see the discrepancies in life. Look at what is happening and then love them all – good, bad or indifferent. We came into this body to have experiences – all kinds of them. Yet when they come, we whine, feel victimized, and wonder why God is doing this to us. God isn’t doing anything but fulfilling our wish for experience. If we can view what happens as neither good nor bad, but knowing that every experience has purpose, we grow into the truth of our divine beingness. This is why we came to Earth. So let’s live with gusto and get the most out of every little thing that happens. And remember – where we place our focus is what we draw to us!