Where Truth Dwells

Where Truth Dwells

In this time of great change, life can get confusing. We may not be sure how to move forward so we seek advice from other people, channels, and disincarnates. This phenomenon is so prevalent I wanted to know more.

I am not one to place authority outside myself, but there were a few people and things I went to for input and assistance. Since I know we have everything inside that we need to get our answers, I wondered if it was time to go solo. To find out, I chucked everyone and everything and went totally into my own core essence. I let go of sacred geometry, consults, crystals, and even Reiki. Some interesting things happened during my “experiment.”

While I was doing this on the inner, I was preparing for a major move in the physical and couldn’t do it all myself. I needed information, moving helpers and a truck, someone to care for my beloved plants, realtor, home inspector, banker, and the list goes on.

I quickly saw the need to have helpers who could provide the service or information I needed – people who were experts in their field and who cared about my welfare. If I selected the wrong ones or made certain choices, the consequences could cost me time, energy, and money. Going on the principle of “as above, so below,” I compared this outer experience to that of having inner helpers.

In seeking help with the move, I found people that could share good insights, others who were well-meaning but lacked experience or interest to provide good counsel, and others who were downright dishonest or manipulative. I was looking into areas of life that were foreign to me so I had to sort through the people and their intentions quickly. I wanted what was right for me and did not want to get drawn into someone else’s agenda.

My comfort zone was definitely being challenged, which is a good thing – that’s how we grow. However, in certain areas, I was feeling a gnawing in my gut that was telling me something was not right. The only thing to do when this happens is to quiet the mind and go within to see what is “off.” That feeling is our guidance system telling us to reevaluate.

When I sat to get quiet, my mind wanted to run ahead. It was a challenge to quiet it and go into my core essence. I let go of all the input and questions and just relaxed into peace and calm. When I brought my attention back to this reality, I could see things more clearly. I can’t say my answers all came at once, but enough to give me direction in the moment.

It is critical to check whatever we are told with our inner guidance system because in the end, we are the ones who have to accept responsibility and the outcome for our thoughts, words, and actions. There are many beings that have an agenda – they are trying to sell us something, be it a product, service or course of action. They may mix untruth with truth which makes it harder to recognize. It is up to us to sort it out and determine what is for our highest good. We need this discernment on a personal level, and we also need it when making national and global decisions, which is another topic in itself.

At this time, I will just say that Americans are not as motivated by truth or freedom as they are by wanting to feel safe. The consequence is we open our selves to being controlled. We don’t check things out – we listen to the most charismatic person and give our rights away doing whatever we are told hoping someone will take care of us. It doesn’t work and it never has. That is how slaves are made.

In doing this “experiment,” I believe even more firmly that we do have everything we need inside self and that there are times when outside input can be helpful. It is not something we want to follow blindly, but it can give us another perspective when we are entering into new territory. If we don’t want to waste time and energy, however, it is of utmost importance that we seek guidance only from those who have the knowledge, impeccable integrity, and ability to put our good above any other cause they may have. Once we receive the information, it is still up to us to take it inside and see if it resonates with our Soul and then, if necessary, do more research.

By the way, I did call back a couple of inner helpers. Reiki was one and there was no chastisement from that energy or the Reiki masters. As soon as I called to them, they were present with me and ready to serve. They left without a word and came back the same way.

So if you are working with a friend, inner or outer, and don’t know if they are really helping, give the relationship a rest and see what happens. You can let the person know you are grateful but need some time to make your decision and to work things out. If they really care about you, they won’t mind as they have no investment in you following their advice. After quieting the mind and all of the input, you just might discover that you are making healthier choices for yourself!

In summary, Go into your peaceful place and be open. Let your Soul inspire and provide direction. Once you get your inspiration, act on it.

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