Passion provides the energy and inspiration to get things done. It can pull us out of ruts; help us live from the heart doing and being all we can be, and live the life of our dreams. It feels so good to know where we are going and to have passion for life. However, I found that some interesting things have happened when I have displayed too much exuberance.

I put away my passion years ago when a group of us were sharing our visions. As each person shared, I could see how everyone’s dream fit together and that by working together we could actualize all of them! I was so excited. They all tied together and each person had a piece of a big picture. When it came my turn and I began sharing the vision that was forming as each person talked, I was shocked when one by one everyone got up and walked out. I couldn’t help but wonder, “What just happened?”

I thought about this for a long time wondering what I had done and what I needed to change to fit into the area. These people never spoke to me again. It was very painful and I decided that I couldn’t express my passion for things and survive in that area. I had to set it aside and not get excited about anything. Unfortunately, that decision affected my life for many years after that.

Sometimes people have a hard time when a person has passion. At one time, I thought it would help them find theirs but that hasn’t really been the case. Is it because they have so little hope and enthusiasm for their lives? I know that life is hard for many people. Many hate their lives and others just go through the motions, wondering what it’s all about. People don’t see the possibility in their own visions or the ones I might share with them. They chalk me off as a dreamer. They basically say, “Time to come back to Earth, Nancy.”

But my thought is that dreams must be possible or I wouldn’t be able to envision them. In some time or dimension they are a reality and it is my belief that they can be actualized in this reality.

People who don’t believe they can manifest their inner goals go into a hopeless place where nothing seems possible. They stop dreaming their dreams and put that energy into seeing all the reasons why their dreams can’t manifest. They aren’t open to allowing and seeing the how to getting them. Their thoughts block all possibility of that happening. It is often a mystery of how things will be able to come about, but that is part of the ride! It’s like we are on the ride up the hill of the roller coaster. So much anticipation and then at the top, momentum takes over and we hang on for the ride.

When things begin happening they can be scary because they move quickly and it feels we’re not in control. Maybe we’re not! But the car is on the track heading to the goal. Life is like that with many ups and downs, but we have to remember “our car” is on the track. We set the stage for it all to happen and then sit back and enjoy the ride.

Some people want to maximize the ride so they pick a roller coaster that has extreme ups and downs. Others choose a smoother one. What we actually experience is greatly determined by our mindset. To some people even a gentle slope could be a huge deal and to another it is just a bump in the road. When we hit the bumps or get stuck, passion and love for the project are what will carry us over those rough spots.

I have taken some hard knocks in life because I expressed my passion. For awhile I thought I needed to get serious and trudge through life like everyone else. I thought I was the one that needed to change, but that was not true. So here is what I have learned – never give up your dreams or your passion! When apathy sets in, life loses all purpose and is truly boring. If people don’t get excited for you (or with you), then they aren’t the people you want to be creating a magical life with anyway. Don’t waste your time. Keep living your passion until the right people show up.

So what is your passion? If you don’t know, dream from a space deep within. Let the mind go into that place of all possibility and just imagine. Daydream. At this point, it doesn’t even have to be logical or make sense. It is just your heart expressing its longing. Just be with it.

Once you have a picture, call forth the part of you that knows what steps are required to achieve what you are wanting. Find that multi-dimensional you and ask that part what the next step is. Ask that part to share its keys to success with you. If you aren’t seeing or hearing anything, just intend that you are receiving this instruction and that it will come into consciousness when you need it. Trust it is happening. And ask that all you are shown be for your best and highest good.

Next make a commitment to yourself and your dream. This is important because when we commit to something, blocks dissolve and the path becomes clearer.

When you come back from this meeting with self, jot down any thoughts or inspirations you received even if they seem far out. It will all make sense as the pieces come together. Visit this multi-dimensional you as often as you like for more pieces of the puzzle. Or visit another part of you for different aspects of your project.

Then act on any inspirations you received. You may not have the whole picture all at once, but starting with the smallest step will lead to the next and the next. There may be course corrections needed as you go and that’s okay. You are doing it. Just go with each stepping stone as it presents itself to you. And most of all, lighten up and have some fun! After all, this may be your last life on this planet of possibilities.

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