Fear Not the Changes

Fear Not the Changes

There are so many changes happening on this planet and in our lives, and there are more on the way. If this is causing you to feel worried or afraid, just know that nothing will come to you that you do not need for your Earthly experience.

In a town where I lived there was a huge flood. Heavy rains saturated the land and when fifteen more inches fell in six hours, it was too much. The water ran down the hills into the creek washing houses, cars and trees with it. Some said there was a 10-15 foot wall of water that poured through town. There were people in tress and on the tops of cars. The water ran high and fast, and as it did, it took one person and left another despite the fact that person was right next to the one that was taken.

Know only that which is yours to experience will come to you and, if there is some experience that you need, nothing you do will keep it from you. You will never be denied that which is yours to experience. So whatever happens, welcome it, whether it is big or small. Breathe it in and allow the energy to flow. This will take you out of resistance and help you flow with it. It is resistance that causes the energy to get stuck which then causes pain and indecision.

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