“Those Kids Today”

“Those Kids Today”

Gatherings bring us into circles of people we don’t know or maybe haven’t seen for awhile. We hear, and possibly participate in, conversations about things we may or may not think about very often. When we leave a party, there is lots of fodder for new thoughts.

I remember when I was young (yes, I can remember back that far!) the grown-ups talked about how bad the kids were. Those conversations are still going on today with a few changes. Recently, I walked into a party and the women were complaining about the youth. The kids today have attitudes that don’t fit the old way, and I believe this is a good thing! It is their job to break up the old worn out consciousness, just as it was our job to break up the outdated ideas that came before us. It is all part of change. Yes, it can be irritating and inconvenient. And yes, there is purpose.

Those in their mid-20’s to early 30’s were the “hell raisers.” It was their job to pave the way for the teens and early 20’s of today. I can’t say I am privy to the plan, but I do see the trends. Because of this, I know there is a plan, a direction. The teens today are giving their lives through the numerous suicides as a wake-up call that things are not working. They are participating in things that sometimes blow our minds. It is supposed to! Will we hear their plea? Perhaps yes. Or perhaps it will take looking back years from now to see what really happened in this time period. Or perhaps it will affect their peers who will one day make a difference in the world.

The old system does not work. It needs to be broken up and we ask for change but when the souls come in to do the dirty work of bringing it down, we call them rebels and no-good, lazy, entitled takers. They are just refusing to participate in the outdated broken system. They know there is a better way; they just haven’t been allowed to explore what that is.

Consequently, this call they feel to action gets bottled up and they numb out or push it down with drugs or other behaviors until it erupts into homicidal psychotic behavior. There is no place for them to learn or to use their energy in constructive ways. When they, or anyone for that matter, try to suppress our needs and wants, that energy expresses in ugly ways, such as passive/aggressive behavior, suicide, homicide, addictions, to name a few.

It would make things a lot easier if the adults would initiate the changes. Things would not have to be as dramatic. The young people would be on board if they were honored and opportunities were presented in ways that made sense to them. It is my belief that these kids are very creative and are using more of their brains than the older folks, perhaps even working from both hemispheres of their brain. This left brained world has no tolerance for that.

The changes are coming; there is no stopping them. The question is, “Will the old be allowed to fade away or will it go with us kicking and screaming?” All we have to do is open our minds and bring the changes in with ease and grace. It is really up to us.

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