Etheric Clearing

Etheric Clearing

Etheric clearing is freeing the bodies (primarily physical, mind and emotions) of blocked energy so that all parts of us are working together in harmony. Helping people do this has been my work for over 25 years. The main tools I use are Soul Retrieval and Releasement. These techniques are based in ancient shamanism, but as you can see on my site, they are updated and more quantum in nature. There are articles and audio recordings in the Library that give more information on these two modalities. There are also my books Modern Shamans and Shaman’s Vision if you would like to learn how to do this work for yourself.

These modalities are alchemical and not so much about healing as they are about transforming or transmutation. Healing implies processing. Transmutation implies immediate results. Over the last number of years, we have been transitioning from healing to transmutation. Before, we spent years in therapy, reading books, listening to talks, and processing our “stuff” as the way to free ourselves from emotional baggage. There is no need to continue this long, tedious process. Things have changed and sped up, which has cleared the way for us to do the work alchemically. If we want to process, we will always find more to dredge up, and if we can’t find anything in our selves to process, we can always work on the Earth or other people’s “stuff”. There will always be something to process, if we want that job.

If you are ready and willing, you can step out of the processing mode and into a space of recognizing the truth of your being. It may be really scary at first because it has become second nature for many. It is really just the New Age religion continuing the myth that has been perpetrated on humanity for thousands of years that there is inherently something wrong with us. It is the biggest lie ever told to humankind. In truth, we are light beings inhabiting physical bodies in order to gain experience – nothing more.

There are various ways to make this shift from processing to transmutation. We have already discussed Soul Retrieval and Releasement. Using these techniques, we can easily call back the pieces we have given away, lost, or had taken. And we can release all we have taken on that does not belong to us – guilt, fear, doubt, beliefs, programs, judgments, etc. This isn’t hard! We have been told it is and we have believed it. Anyone can do this for self. There are techniques located in the Library files to help you do this. And you can find more information in my books.

Another transmutational tool is frequency in the form of light, sound, and color. These tools can help you feel happy, inspired, nurtured, depressed, stressed, or lonely, to name a few. Frequency affects us whether we are aware of it in the moment or not so it is a good idea to surround self with colors, sounds, and lighting that make us feel good. It is well to consider too that not all sounds, lights and colors affect people in the same way. One may be uplifted and another may be disturbed. Even in the same person, a piece of music may uplift at one time and be jarring to the nerves at another. How we experience the color, light, or sound can also make a difference as there can be distortion depending on if the sound is coming through a quality sound system, computer, voice, radio speakers, stereo headphones, or a sound table.

The last way I will mention is to get the help of a transformational coach, a person who is adept at doing etheric clearing. If you ever feel you need some assistance, go to the contact page and leave a message. I can recommend someone to you or be of assistance myself. We do in-person and distance work.

I have presented several options here and you can choose the level to which you are drawn. You can work on your own or in a one-on-one private session. You choose, but do take some action today to step into the magnificence of your being.

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