Soul Retrieval & Spirit Releasement Audio File

Soul Retrieval & Spirit Releasement Audio File

This audio is a presentation that Nancy did in 1996 at the New Sciences Forum in Ft. Collins, Colorado on the benefits of combining Soul Retrieval and Spirit Releasement. It is based on her book Modern Shamans.

2 thoughts on “Soul Retrieval & Spirit Releasement Audio File”

  • It all sounded good until you mentioned Angels, they work for the False God Entity, False Light, Heart yes, Angel,Archons, Ai, ETs, False God Entity No No No,

    • Hi Jeremy, thank you for your comment. That recording was made in about 1994. It has much good and relevant info even for today so I leave it posted, but in the last 23 years I have grown in my perspective. I believe that we have all we need within and do not need to rely on angels, ascended masters or anyone/anything outside self to get our answers. I agree that these beings usually have their own agenda and their guidance may not be of the highest. You sound like you have done your homework and I applaud you for that. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to clarify.

      I would also like to say that I have been gathering information for a third book and I am resisting writing it for this very reason. It is hard putting information out knowing there is always an AND to whatever I say. This is a world of polarity and something I write may be true and also its opposite may be true depending on one’s point of view. We have experiences that shape our beliefs. Then we have another experience that expands that belief or helps us develop another. It is all part of our growth. I have all too often seen what I “know” today is not what I will know tomorrow. But once I put something out there, people see it. I have always tried to come from heart and in that I have to trust that people will get what they need from what I share. Otherwise, I would never be able to publish another thought.

      Thanks again, Jeremy, for sharing your thoughts. I really appreciate that.

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