What are Your Masks?

What are Your Masks?

Okay I admit it. I have watched every episode of the Lone Ranger and Zorro on Hulu.com. As I was doing this, I asked myself why I was so keen to see them. When I finished the last Zorro episode, I was really touched in a profound way which I didn’t understand. So I have spent time meditating on the obsession. (I didn’t realize it was an obsession until Hulu called it that after I had watched so many episodes.) Why were they so important to me? Other than the fact that I enjoyed the characters and their stories, I came up with some conclusions that I would like to share with you.

I watched the Lone Ranger series first. I saw his honesty, integrity, and care for other humans. I also saw that he was living his life as he was guided and that he was supported financially from the silver mine he had discovered years before his decision to take on the identity of the Lone Ranger. Also we talk about being a “lone ranger” to mean that we do everything alone, but that was not really true of him. He had Tonto and he worked with lawmen wherever possible. He was not alone. “Lone” only meant that he was the only Texas Ranger to survive the attack on his unit.

Next I watched one Zorro episode after another. In the 1990’s series, Zorro was the masked hero who fought to right the wrongs for the peasants. He was the alter ego of Don Diego De La Vega. He loved Victoria, but they could not be together because he could not reveal his identity. Diego was at a time in life when he felt he should be starting a family and because of his secret life, he could not do that.

The other pain in Diego’s life was that he could not tell his father about Zorro because he did not want to put his father in jeopardy. Diego’s father loved him, but was disappointed that Diego was not yet married and had not given him grandchildren. Diego was from a wealthy family of caballeros (Spanish knights) and yet he appeared to not even be able to wield a sword. So the two people he most wanted to share his secret with had to think what they chose. This caused Diego great heartache.

Diego loved being Zorro and the people needed him, yet life was not full because he could not share it with the people he loved most. Plus he had to play down Diego’s talents so as not to reveal Zorro’s identity. The split in his lives generated a huge conflict in him with no apparent way to resolve it.

Some questions came to mind as I pondered this and I would like to share them with you. How many of us have a split within our self? Do we live the fullness of who we are? Do we allow our “hero” to shine? Are we afraid to let people know the true person we are? Do we stay small? If so, what is the price we pay? It is understandable that we feel we cannot truly express ourselves because when people know us, it can cause problems. For Diego, it meant death. If he had revealed his true self, the corrupt government officials would have been there to hang him since he had angered and embarrassed many of them. We probably would not be hung, but for us that could be loss of love, abandonment, ridicule, or abuse.

The difference between the Lone Ranger and Zorro is that the Lone Ranger gave up his old identity and only lived the persona of the Lone Ranger. He fully embraced that life so he did not have the conflict. This was an easier path than Zorro’s because he was not pulled between the two lives.

To bring this closer to home, ask yourself – What are your masks? How many lives do you lead? Do you show a different persona to different people? Do you follow your heart in all areas of life? Are you one person at work, another with family and yet another with friends? How much energy is tied up in this separation? If you brought all your “roles” together, would you have more energy, less stress, carry fewer responsibilities that aren’t yours, be able to laugh more, and live a fuller life doing more of what you love? No matter what you have been told, we all have gifts, and rest assured, there is a place for them. However, it takes us making them available in the world.

For years, my work has been helping people end fragmentation. Being whole and true to ourselves is the most important life task we have. It is only when we claim back the parts of self we have denied or given to others that we truly come into our divine expression. I encourage you to look at your life and see where the conflicting areas are. Do this without fear. For now, just lovingly observe. Intend that all areas of your life begin coming into harmony with each other and that this take place with ease and grace and in perfect timing. If you remain in allowance without resistance, it won’t be a huge struggle. It can come quickly, easily and as if by magic!

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