Your Destiny

Your Destiny

It is your destiny and nothing can stop it! Don’t try to figure it out or make it happen. It will come in a way you least expect. Get ready because that is how all of life will be – there is no preparing. It is being in each moment and knowing that the answers are all inside you. Allow them to come forward by staying in peace and calm.

You may not feel the guidance you once did, but you do have protection as you make this transition. Your guides have backed off to give you space to grow up and into your own. They will let you work it out on your own, but if they are truly needed, they will come forward.

You may feel tenuous as you begin to step into the truth of your being, but you will gain strength as you walk your true path. You will know your truth in each moment because you will feel it. It won’t be old programs from which you are operating. As you do what you are called to do, you may feel stupid, people may get upset or criticize you, and you may question if you are doing the right thing. This is how it may be at first. You think you made a mistake because of people’s reactions but when you follow that inner feeling, it is all perfect. Stop questioning your Self – trusting self is what is called for.

This requires releasing any abandonment issues or fear of not being liked. People may love you or they may resent and even hate you for what you do or say, but when you act from your truth, trust it was perfect. Who knows how it will affect them in the long run? You sure don’t. You aren’t trying to change anyone. There is no motivation other than to be and live your truth.

So stop questioning it once it’s over. For one thing, what’s done is done and for another, all has purpose. Being your truth may affect another but the real purpose of it is for you, of course. So clear out the trapped emotions and all that does not belong to you. Only then can you access your truth clearly and precisely all the time – no blocks, no occlusions.

Living your truth and trusting your Self brings huge responsibility. But that responsibility has nothing to do with others – it is to your Self. This is the ultimate responsibility humans will encounter. It took being responsible for others for us to see how to take care of Self. The days of carrying others have gone bye-bye. That was just a step along the way. Others were our teachers. We could learn by watching what happened outside Self and now we take what we learned and shift the attention inward.

It may seem easier and even selfish to look inward and work from that vantage point, but it may one of the hardest things we will ever do because our programming that has caused us to forget the truth. As we enter the Aquarian Age more fully, humans will learn that when we take care of Self and be true to Self, the rest of the world learns to take care of itself too. We are no longer the enablers.

In the days of old, there were knights who protected the people who were weak. We have had some version of them ever since. Being a sovereign being is what is called for now. Until people recognize and be the divine being they are, perpetrators will exist, as their job is to get people to see a higher truth. Once people get it, there are no more victims and therefore no need for perpetrators, and enablers are certainly out of a job.  

Look at areas in your life where you play the victim. Is it in relationships, money, or health? After you identify what that is, make one change in that area. It does not have to be huge. Just make a change, big or small. This will get the energy moving. Take steps as you can. When you are ready, tear up your victim card! Remember, you are here to accept your mastery.

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