Walking on Glass

Walking on Glass

Recently, I did an energy clearing for an elderly client and saw she had completed her life contract and could now just have fun or, if she chose, she could set new challenges for herself. I saw her two weeks later and her whole energy had shifted. By giving her permission to enjoy life, she gave herself permission – she was celebrating her life journey. Without saying anything to others, friends started calling her to have lunch, get together for walks, etc. It seemed her life had transformed by changing her thoughts, and other people were responding to support her in this new way of being.

Seeing this really impacted me. I asked myself if this was just meant for my client or for all of us. I have been getting in meditation and things I have been hearing and seeing that life is meant to be enjoyed. There isn’t much I do that I don’t choose to do, but I have still felt that I had to keep working toward enlightenment. I am now seeing that too was just another belief to keep me struggling along. There is no way we can do it wrong; our soul will keep us on track no matter how good or bad our choices appear. Soul uses any situation we get into as a training tool and that includes living in joy. So why not choose what we really want? I am also finding that as I make more choices that bring joy to my days, I am supported – just as I have been supported in bringing hardships into my life. Remember our lives are all about having experiences. There is no right or wrong. There is no good or bad. It is all just experience.

This does not mean that life is all ha-ha-ha because fun can include many things. Some people find games fun. Some balancing their checkbook. Some partying. Some connecting with friends or being on the land. Some cooking, sewing, knitting. Some enjoy cleaning, writing, seeing plays and movies. For some suffering is their passion. So what we choose to have in our lives may not look to others like we are enjoying it, but at some level, we are getting something from the experience or we wouldn’t be having it. What does fun look like for you?

If you have to work hard and are experiencing pain and poverty in your life, you may be finding you aren’t enjoying it so much. This means you are ready for a change. The only way to get out of it is to stop and let go of all the strings you are holding – just put them down. Hanging on to the story keeps you enmeshed in it. So give yourself permission to let the story go. Stop telling it to self and others, no matter how true it is!

Another belief you may have gotten caught in is that you have to heal yourself or others. The truth is there is nothing wrong with any of us and there is nothing to heal. Again, this is all just experience! So all we just have to do is stop and let go. Let go control, power struggles, and the story – all of it. It is in that place of neutrality and possibility that we see with clarity the bigger picture and the answer to whatever was troubling us.

Maybe you can only drop the story for a brief time each day. That is a start! Do what you can and it will build. Give yourself permission to live in joy, and if you need someone to give you permission, I offer that to you as well.

So if you are experiencing a health issue, stop thinking and talking about all the doctor appointments, the pain, inconveniences, medications, supplements, etc. that may be occupying your attention. Instead begin placing your focus on your body being whole and healthy. If it is a broken bone, get a picture of what a healthy bone looks like and image that. Change the story you tell yourself. I am not saying there isn’t a place for medical treatment, but along with that, change your focus and the story.

As an example, I will tell a story of how I used my imagination and my story to heal my foot. About five years ago, I chipped a bone in my foot. At the time, a few pieces festered out the skin. Off and on over the years a piece that had not come out would get in a place that was painful. It would hurt when I walked for a few weeks and then stop hurting. Months later, I’d go through it again. About a year ago, I was taking care of a dog that needed to be walked every day and my foot was in the hurting phase – it felt like I was walking on a piece of glass.

I needed to do something so I lay down and imagined my foot as pure light. I saw the bone chard as a dark fragment, and since it was heavier than the light, it just fell away. I did this for three days and in between I didn’t poke my foot to see if it was still there. It wasn’t hurting, and if it really was gone, I certainly didn’t want to recreate it. It has been over a year now and I have had no pain since. I tell you this because we have the power and the know-how to heal our bodies – we just don’t believe it. Or we don’t trust ourselves.

Telling our painful stories over and over can create more of the same so why do we tell stories of how tough our life is? There could be many reasons. Probably our number one reason is we want our journey witnessed by others. It is important to most humans to have this recognition and the empathy it elicits from others.

We don’t see ourselves as the physician who can “heal thyself” so fear comes up and we want someone to tell us what to do and that it will all be okay. Usually friends can’t help us with that because their own fear comes up which causes more fear in both parties. So we go to the doctor who writes a prescription or does surgery. Right or wrong he tells us what to do, but often he can’t assure us things will be okay.

Maybe our issues in the physical body, finances, and relationships are things we have created for the experiences they have to offer. Maybe as soul, these are things we have brought to us in order to gain wisdom and to learn to love self enough that we see we have been on a dead end street. We learn there is so much more to experience when we give ourselves permission to let go of the agendas, the missions, the have-tos, and processing of “our issues”. This is when we can step into the truth of our being.

The simple truth, but perhaps not the easiest, is that we can change our lives when we drop the “strings” we have been clutching and realize there is nothing to fix in self or in the world. Whether you are just beginning to build your life or have lived it fully, give yourself permission to stop the struggle and enjoy whatever portion is left. Live your  joy!

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