January and the New Year

January and the New Year

Have you made your New Year’s resolutions? Perhaps you don’t even bother with them anymore. Instead of making resolutions, maybe you just want to think about what you want to be different about this year. Do you want a healthier body? Are you looking for more time to relax and rejuvenate? Are you ready to move out of your job and into a different way of expressing yourself? Are you wanting an expanded your social life? Perhaps you just want to bring more joy into your life!

January is a good time to ask these questions. It is a transition time from the stuff we released in December into looking at the changes we want to actualize. We use January, and possibly February, to dream our dream, sharpen our skills, raise our energy level, and gather what we will need so we can spring into action when the time is right. The challenge comes because we may not even know what those changes are! It is true – the brain may not have the answers we are seeking. So how do we get them, you ask?

There are three tips I can offer. The first tip is to do whatever it takes to feel good in your body. When we feel good, we have energy to do things. So eat the diet that is right for you and make your food tasty so you enjoy it and are satiated more easily. Move your body! Incorporate movement into a social activity like dancing. If there is fun involved, you are more likely to stick with it. The sun gives us so much vitality, so soak up as much as you can. I realize in many areas this can be difficult in winter, however do what you can. Get good rest by avoiding high energy games or television programs before bedtime – an adrenalin rush is not conducive to sound sleep. In summary, find healthy ways to bring pleasure into your life.

The next tip is to give the brain a rest. It will have plenty to do once you get your inspiration flowing. Take this time to meditate and open to inner peace. While in this state, inspiration and ideas can flow. Stop trying to figure it all out! Once the ideas begin flowing, give yourself time to sit with them before you act. In this space of calm, you may see details that will allow things to flow more easily once you do implement it.

The third tip is to love your self unconditionally. Unconditionally means to love self no matter how perceived bad or stupid the things are you have done. It is all just part of the human experience! The reality is you are a magnificent light being. You are lovable. And you are loved. It may be hard to believe these truths so keep affirming them. Allow these statements to neutralize those old programs and beliefs and you will be able to open and receive the love that is all around and in you.

These are some things you can do to access the space for inspiration to come forth from within you. Know that it is there inside waiting for you to discover it. I have included a short exercise you may like to experiment with. Feel free to record it slowly in first person and play it back so you can close your eyes and go more deeply into the feeling.

Get comfortable. Take a few deep breaths. Close your eyes and imagine that you are lying in the warm sun. You have just had the perfect snack and feel quite satisfied. It feels so safe and peaceful lying there. All worry and thoughts before this moment drift away as if they are clouds parted by the warm sun. Gentle music is playing. It is so heavenly. You wonder why you hadn’t noticed it before. Your eyes are extremely heavy and you don’t want to open them. You feel a gentle touch and realize you are not alone. You feel the energy of the beings with you and you go deeper into that peaceful place. They are light beings and they are working on various parts of your body. Your high self is there to supervise and make sure all is done for your best and highest good. As they work, you realize those areas no longer hurt and the tension you were feeling is gone. You are not at all anxious or worried. Instead you feel safe and loved. There is something nudging at your brain. It is an idea coming forward and it is brilliant! You see the whole scenario play out in front of you as if you were watching a movie. It’s so simple you wonder why you hadn’t thought of it before. You feel excited, but you stay with it and let it to unfold. For now you are the witness. When the vision stops, open your eyes and record as many details as you can recall so you can refer back to them later.

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