For a Day of My Life

For a Day of My Life

2013 has been an awesome and yet intense year. So many things have happened globally, nationally and personally. Many of us have had loved ones transition into the next world and many have had babies born into this one. We have had relationships dissolve and new ones form. We have had to look for ways to keep our bodies healthy as more information about GMOs, radiation threats, oil spills, and chemtrails is revealed. The news presents a pretty scary world and many are not sure how to respond to the changes that seem inevitable.

Our boats are being rocked and that may not feel good but it really is a good thing! Being pushed from our comfort zone has caused us to look deeper into our selves and ask, “What is life about? What makes a day worth living? Does it matter what I do with my time? How do I live each day to make it count?” The changes are pushing us to find a higher, fuller way of living our lives.

When I was driving on interstate 90, there was a roadside chapel at a rest area. I was drawn to it so I stopped. It was a musty smelling little building with a guest book and some handout cards on a table. I picked up one of the little cards and took it with me. I read the message over and over as I continued down the road. (I was on an interstate with very little traffic.) It was not necessarily a new message, but it impacted me as if I had never heard it before that moment. I’d like to share it with you because it points out the importance of each day and how we use the time. It gave me a new view of what the phrase “spending time” means.


This is the beginning of a new day. God has given me this day to use as I will. I can waste it, or use it for good but what I do today is important, because I am exchanging a day of my life for it. When tomorrow comes, this day will be gone forever, leaving behind in its place, something that I have traded for it. I want it to be gain and not loss, good not evil, success not failure, in order that I shall not regret the price that I have paid for it.

What do you do with each day? Is it filled with angst, resistance, anger, stress, despair? Is it full of joy in all that happens because you know that each experience carries you closer to your enlightenment? Are you staying heart-centered and living from the truth of your being? Are you taking proper care of self?

I believe the next month or two is a time to rest and reevaluate our lives. It is a time to release old programs and clear wounds so we can hear our inner guidance and know if what we see and hear on the outside is true for us. No one can tell us what is right for us – only WE have the answer for self and it is imperative that we learn ways to get that information.

So if you are drawn to rest this month, have fun with family and friends, and clean out closets and file drawers, do it. It is the outer manifestation of what you are doing on the inner. It is a time to lighten our load on all levels. It is in that space that we can be clear about our direction. Once clear, the means to actualize our desires into this reality can open up. Don’t fret or despair if nothing you focus on seems to be coming to fruition just yet. It will in right timing.

As we clear the stuck energy and emotions that no longer serve us, the solutions to physical, relationship, and financial challenges become obvious. We just couldn’t see them before because we had blocks between us and them or our attention was focused in another direction. A friend will say or do something that triggers us to remember a dream, or perhaps something we read that holds the key. We will pick up a book or magazine and the answer will be there. We will turn on the television or get an email that has exactly what we need to know. The answers will come as if by magic! After all, the challenge is only presenting itself to help us gain understanding and wisdom about something. Once we “get it” there is no longer a need for it.

In looking for solutions, we often think and think about the problem. We go back and forth about how to proceed. Sometimes we just can’t figure it out because our brain lacks the information or experience needed to get the resolution. So we have to go deeper for the answers. I believe there is a part of us that has the answers to any question we ask. We just have to get in touch with it. It requires stilling the mind and asking that Part That Knows.

If you are used to dialoguing with your inner self or spirit helpers, you can just call up the part of you that knows and ask your question. However, if you haven’t worked with this technique, you may have to start a little slower. You may have to ask your question from a different angle instead of going directly for the one you want answered. For instance, asking the Part That Knows HOW to get what you want may not bring satisfactory results. However, if you start by asking, “Where am I and what do I need to know and understand right now?” you are starting at the beginning. After asking the question, you just relax and listen because this works best as a discussion.

Next you might ask for clarity on what it is you really want. You may be asking for money, when it is the freedom money brings that you really want. Dialog with the Part That Knows. Ask to feel or be shown what would really make you happy and fulfilled. A note here is that I know many do not like journal writing, however you will find it most helpful when using this technique.

Then you can ask what is in your life right now that is taking energy that is not yours to give. Basically, what you are willing to let go of to get what will make your life fuller? Is it a relationship, anger, resistance, judgment, etc? Let one question lead to the next. Let the conversation carry itself just as you would if you were talking to a dear friend, for indeed you are. In fact, it is your best friend – YOU! The dialog may lead to steps, or even just one step that you can take today to begin the journey to your desired life. Make note of it and then follow the stepping stones as they become known to you.

One caution I would like to offer is that when your dream does begin to actualize, keep your focus on it and brush aside any doubt or panic that may arise. Don’t start second-guessing yourself or the vision. Know you are supported in all aspects of it. Ride that wave of energy that you sent out into the Universe and that is now returning to you.

So take the next month or two to let go of all the worn out energies in your life. Either mend relationships or release them. (If you are not finished with them, they will come back around at some future time when you are better able to deal with them.) Get clear about what your responsibilities are and let the rest go. As you clear your inner and outer house now, you open to the gifts the New Year and new energies have to offer. Let go and shine bright!

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