Can Do

Can Do

What would you be doing with your life if money was not a consideration, if no one knew what you were doing, if you had plenty of time, if no one was telling you what to do or placing expectations on you? How would your life be different?

Would you know what you wanted or have you stopped dreaming? Would you be doing pretty much what you are now or would there be drastic changes? Would you be more passionate about your life? Would getting up in the morning be easier? It is good to feel into what would fulfill you – into what would get you out of bed in the morning with a smile on your face. It doesn’t matter what the motivation is for you, but it is important to look at your life and see if what you have is enough – if it fills your heart and soul. If there is little or no real passion, maybe it is time to see what else is out there.

I have been working with people to get their plans and travel arrangements for the September Light Gathering in the Black Hills, and I have been thrilled to watch things fall into place for those who want to attend. One elderly lady called and said she wanted to come but was having difficulty getting a flight with times that worked. It wasn’t a stumbling block for long as we dug deeper and found the perfect travel times at a great price.

One participant had one issue after another resolve itself – almost effortlessly. She couldn’t take time off work – her job ended. She didn’t have the money and that came through. Her car needed work and a friend just happened to be traveling for a family event at that time and offered her a ride.

I talked to one person in the group and suggested a few things we could do before the event started. He would have to take another day off work and stay another night in a hotel, which meant extra expense for him. Without hesitation, his reply was, “It sounds like fun. Let’s do it!”

These are just a few of the stories about people with a can-do attitude that I have talked with recently. These people knew they were to participate in this event and held an attitude of possibility, and consequently, things worked out for them. I believe this is happening more often because of the new energy that is available to us. We have struggled with life for so long that we don’t know how to ride this new energy flow. As new-agers, we often believe that we can sit back and things will just magically come to us. They will, BUT, we also have to take action. This energy will totally support us as long as we do our part.

Doing our part includes letting go of the stories, beliefs, programs, judgments, attitudes, fear, blame, resistance, how things were in the past, and carrying responsibility that is not ours. It is trusting the light that we are. It is focusing our attention on something working, not all the reasons why it won’t work. It is more than positive thinking. It is true empowerment, compassion, confidence, and recognizing the magnificence of our being. As we attune to and get comfortable in this new energy, it will work miracles in our life. That is when the good stuff can come to us!

When we see something happening to a friend and want to help them, our can-do attitude probably won’t work for them unless they are in alignment with things working. If they aren’t aligned, they will present one excuse after another for why things won’t work. To them these things are very real. They are not open to possibility and so there is no room for miracles to happen. They believe what they are saying, and consequently, that is how things go for them.

When we have a can-do attitude, magical things can happen because we are open. But if our mind is closed by the belief that there is no way, we shut down the ideas, the creativity, and the energy that would cause it to happen. It is not someone or something doing anything to us – it is our own resistance and stubborn beliefs.

I realize there can be challenges to accomplishing what we want. Our society is not set up for us to succeed beyond a certain level so we must find ways to work around those issues. Our vision can involve other people, and they may not have the same desire. This can cause us to have to change or tweak our plans. Or maybe there is just one step we can take in this moment. As we take that step, a door to success may present itself that we couldn’t see from where we were.

When we are living a life that is in harmony with our heart, we are happier. That happiness emanates from us and generally affects people in one of two ways. They will either run the other way because it hurts that they aren’t achieving their own desires. Or they will hang around to see and learn more, like a kitten watching an older cat.

So don’t diminish yourself and your dreams because others don’t agree. Go forward and if you are doing it for the right reasons and it is right for you, it will also be perfect for everyone involved, even though it may not seem so at the time. Stay the course and it will work out. I have a friend who wanted to sell her home and move to another state. Her 50-year-old son had been living with her for a number of years because he had not been able to find a job. She was very concerned about what would happen to him. Despite the apprehension, she decided it really was the right thing for her to do. Once he realized he had to take care of himself, he found a job and a new home. Things have worked out for well for both of them.

Can-do events may push your limits, as I recently found out while visiting my daughter. She and my granddaughter were going tubing on a fast flowing creek. I had never been tubing before but after my inner voice confirmed I would be okay, I decided to go despite my dislike for cold water, rocks hitting my tailbone, and the fear of being swept away in the current.

I waded in and gasped for air as the cold water enveloped my body. It took a couple of dunks before my heart finally started beating again. I situated myself on my tube and we started moving quickly downstream, leaving me no time to think further about the cold water. My stomach muscles got a good work out holding my bottom up so the tube would take the brunt of the rocks. Then my daughter hit a big rock and flipped off her tube. She is a water baby and quickly got back on. I wasn’t so sure I’d have managed that as gracefully and was so grateful I wasn’t called on to save her. The next challenge came when we tried to go into shore. This time it was up to my daughter to rescue me. I got off the tube and tried to stand. The rocks were slippery and the current kept knocking my legs out from under me. She took my hand and calmly led me to shore, as I wiped the vision of me floating on down the creek forever from my mind.

Probably the scariest part was I wasn’t in control of what was happening – I was definitely taken out of my comfort zone! Sometimes life feels like that. You say yes to life and right away the current takes over. It moves you along at a pace that may not feel safe or comfortable, but you ride the flow. As I found, we aren’t asked to do more than we can manage and a reassuring, helping hand is there when we need it. I knew I was going to be okay, but it was a really scary 20 minutes. Stepping onto solid ground I felt more alive and grateful than I had in a long time! I had sidestepped fear, gone outside my limits, and actually survived in good shape.

If your heart and soul are putting something forward for you to do, know you can do it and go for it with all the gusto you have. If you can’t or won’t do that, let that dream go and come up with one you will be able to put your passion, time and energy into. Without these, the dream will never materialize into this reality anyway. So choose a dream you love, whatever it is, no matter how big or small. Then go for it! It may be scary and push your limits, but just know you are supported and YOU CAN DO it!

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