Beyond Karma

Beyond Karma

The accepted view of karma is that it is a constant battle between good and evil, us and them, light and dark, suffering and pain. Karma says that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth, and what you sow you reap. These things certainly do play out here in this third dimensional reality. Is this now and forever true? Let’s take a closer look.

My programming, as with many people, began very early in life. I was taught that God loved us as our father, yet HE would not hesitate to severely punish those who broke his rules – which included going to hell for E-V-E-R. In fact, we didn’t even have to break the rules, as we were born sinners and without true baptism, we would die in that frightful state and go to that dreaded place called hell. I was told HE sent his only son to Earth and that our sins caused him to be tortured and killed. We killed God’s only son!!! That meant hell for sure! To make this all even more confusing, I was also told that God is in everything and that we are all one, which didn’t make any sense at all, since any fool could see we were all individuals! None of it made any logical sense to me, but I took it on faith for fear I would be a heretic and end up in that place I’d heard so much about called hell.

As I grew up I became aware that one way to get people to believe what you want is to package controlling and manipulating statements with beautiful truths. People look at what you say and see the truths and then just presume the rest is true too. Very clever.

All religions on the planet have their control methods, even the new age and new thought churches. Some are, however, more clever than others. But they all need, as Stuart Wilde once said, “to keep the people bringing the goats ‘round to the temple.” The leaders know that if the people stop needing them, they lose their financial support.

So why are we discussing religion? Simply because religion is one of the main delivery systems for karma. In the teachings of karma, to some degree or another, we are either good or bad. We keep going round and round on the Wheel of 84 until we learn our lessons and get “it” right – the “it” and “right” of course are determined by each church’s leaders/savior. They set the rules for what is necessary to get into that other mysterious place called “heaven.”  So let’s look deeper.

On this beloved Earth, we are offered a variety of experiences. Even before we take on human form, we get to choose how we begin our life. Will it be in beauty, starvation, abuse, health, war, or poverty? Then once we are in body, we continue to make choices that further define our experience. It is like we choose from a huge smorgasbord of experiences. Our experience may not be what someone else would choose and they may wonder why we ever chose what we did. WE may wonder why we chose that life! But it is all about experience.

Most of us would not choose to climb Everest or jump off of a mountain with only a parasail, skis or wingsuit between us and the valley floor, but others love extreme sports. And some people love extreme lives. You may argue that this is not the same, but it is. As souls, we choose our life circumstances. As soul, we know it is not permanent. We know we never die. We know there is something valuable we are getting from that experience. That being said, there are many who forget their original intent and fall into victimhood as they live their life. Just as the extreme sports enthusiasts must sometimes wonder as they are falling closer to earth, “Now why am I doing this?” Their answer is of course, “The experience!”

Many people look at those who are experiencing victimhood and say things should not be that way. They ask, “What is wrong with this world?” And I must say from the polarized point of view, it does look awful. But is it ours to judge another’s experience as either good or bad? That is not helping that person to remember the magnificence of their being. It only affirms to them, “Yes, my life is awful and I am a victim of life and circumstances.”

Some are having those experiences so that we can have the experience of helping someone. If you feel drawn to help another who is having a victim experience, the best way you can help is to first affirm the divinity in that person and then do what you can from that place of equality. Recognize that the experience does not define the person, but is only a role the person is playing in that moment.

No matter how easy or difficult one’s life appears to be, we all have challenges. The good guys and the bad guys are all learning; they all have their emotional issues, the worry, the fear, the pain. If it weren’t for the polarities of light and dark (karma), there would be little room for the vast array of experiences we can choose. The role we play doesn’t matter, we all have the emotional side to deal with and the range of emotions we experience are pretty much the same for all of us. We have just chosen to play it out in different ways.

Depending on our pre-life choices and if we have achieved our goals from this life experience, we may be able to change our role. For instance, if a “bad guy” saw the Light and decided he was done playing the part of the villain, how would that work? Could the slate be wiped clean or would he have to work off the karmic debt he had created?

I believe in grace. If he had truly fulfilled the intent of his life contract, there would be no need to spend lifetimes paying off the debt. Why would he need to be punished if he was fulfilling his agreement? I suspect we have to pay off karma because we feel guilty and have lost the love for our self. The guilt we have been programmed to feel is what would require us to punish ourselves until we feel the debt was paid. As long as we buy into the guilt program, we’re stuck in karma.

So it boils down to playing our part the very best we can or changing the role when that one is no longer needed. We get to try on many roles in our lifetime – child, teen, lover, parent, sibling, business manager, politician, teacher, etc. Within each, we choose whether we express the positive or the negative side of the role, depending on what our objective is. We all came from the same place and we’ll all go back once we decide we’re done here.

It is only a program of this reality that we have to work through karma. All we truly have to do is go into our core – the true essence of our being – to where there is no duality. Being in and living from this space dissolves karma and keeps us from creating more. Karma becomes a moot point. Life isn’t dictated by the past, it is all about this moment here and now.

In meditation you might try imagining that you are walking into the Light. As you do, it gets brighter and brighter. As you feel and be in the Light, you may realize that you are that Light and you don’t have to “walk” anywhere. You and it are one and you take it with you wherever you go, both in your inner and outer worlds. Your Light goes on and on forever because it is the same Light that is present in all beings, planets and things. There is only one Light and all beings are individuations of it.

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