Releasing Judgment

Releasing Judgment

People say they are tired of being here on Earth living in and witnessing the cruelty and insanity perpetrated on many life forms. Let’s examine this in light of the bigger picture.

We have all done things in this life and probably many others that were not kind and that hurt others, but we have grown into a greater awareness and now see this is not the way we want to be. Since we have left that behind, we often criticize others for their actions. It is like a person who quits smoking and gets upset when other people smoke. Where is our compassion for others and their lack of awareness – a lack that we also once had? If we are truly enlightened, would we have those judgments of others? Is this a self-righteous attitude?

This is also a time when the Light is shining into the dark corners and bringing forth these things so they can be cleared. They were happening for years but we just weren’t aware of them. Sexual and physical abuse, human trafficking, brainwashing, people starving, and wars are not new, but we just never saw them so clearly before now. We weren’t ready to look at the dark side of humanity, and it is quite possible we even participated in them.

Once we look at the dark side of humanity and own up to it, we can start making changes. That is where we are today. Yes, we are appalled and disgusted by many things we witness, but let’s go into our hearts and make sure it is not our own darkness being reflected back to us. It is said that things come into our lives and awareness for one of two reasons. They are reflecting our own weak areas or they are showing us where we have judgments. So as aware beings, we can look at it from a higher perspective and this is where we begin making the changes we’d like to see in the world around us.

There is a technique that you can use to help clear what you don’t like about your world. It is called “Ho’oponopono”. Dr. Hew Linn shared this technique with the world after his work in a ward of mentally ill criminals. The doctor never saw his patients. Instead he read their files and did the Ho’oponopono. As a result, the person got well. It worked so well that the facility was closed after a few years because all but a couple of inmates were healed. The theory behind Ho’oponopono is that if something is showing up in your life, you can clear that within yourself and it will clear in the outer scenario.

Ho’oponopono shows how interconnected life is and if you don’t like what you see around you, stop judging it and look inside self to see what is going on there. This is actually really good news because it gives us recourse to the things that bother us. Instead of looking at the reflection, go to your core where you can see the truth. Your core holds the questions and the answers. You can read more of Dr. Hew Linn’s story and learn the technique he used if you google Ho’oponopono or Dr. Hew Linn. There are also demonstrations on Youtube.

If you have been whining about not wanting to be here, consider that since you are here, you aren’t finished – there is more for you to do or to become. You will know when you are finished because you will be at peace and you will feel joy in your earthly experience. Then you can be truly finished and feel closure with your life. You will be so grateful to Mother Earth for allowing the broad range of experiences from which we can choose, be they painful, joyful, insightful, burdensome, or awesome.

Look for the joy life has to offer. You may have to look hard, but make it a point every day to find something you can be grateful for. Put your focus on that and you will create more such experiences. As you become a “joyologist”, you also bring joy to those around you. What a gift to yourself and the world you become!

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