Who Are the Heroes?

Who Are the Heroes?

Comics, movies and television have given us their version of what heroes are. We have Batman, Neo, Ironman, Superman, and Wonder Woman, to name a few. The thing I have noticed with these heroes is they fought the “bad guys” and protected the weak. Their heroics were focused on righting specific wrongs.

Who today could live up to most of the heroes we have been shown? We may not have billions of dollars to build a Batmobile or an Ironman suit. We may not have been gifted with special powers or be the chosen one, so we don’t consider ourselves heroes.

A hero isn’t necessarily one who does a really outstanding thing, but more often, it is one who makes contributions to their world on a daily basis. It is a daily occurrence – it is how they live life. It can be big or seemingly small – that does not matter. Think of a kaleidoscope – one little turn can change the whole image.

A well known person who was a hero on a daily basis, according to the legends, was King Arthur. He was open, kind, just, brave, and willing to trust himself and those he respected. His honor was beyond reproach. He made mistakes, but overall he was true to himself.

Arthur led his men in battles, but what really changed Camelot into the legendary land it became was his love for his country and his people and the courage to stand up for what he believed. Because of this, he was able to think beyond the parameters of his predecessors. His people loved him and they all flourished under his leadership.

So who are the heroes today? Are they the computer wizards, the world leaders, the military, scientists, medical professionals? Maybe. It all depends on how they live and what they do with their skills. The job is not the determining factor. It could be the mom who loves and cares for her family, the child who learns and grows, the artist or landscaper who creates beauty, the farmer who is a good steward of the land, or educators who help their students see their own value, as well as teach them knowledge.

Am I a hero? To the dog, I certainly am. She loves the walks I take her on, the savory chicken dinner I bring home for her, the treats she gets throughout the day, and the belly scratches. I know she sees me as a hero when she wags her tail, licks my hand, follows me around the house, and lays by my chair.

The conclusion I have come to is that it doesn’t matter what job you are doing. What does matter is are you living authentically? Do you love what you do each day, despite the challenges that arise? On your deathbed, will you have regrets? When you leave this life, will your soul feel satiated? Depending on how you answer these questions, there may be changes you want to make to be the everyday hero to your self, partner, kids, pets, and friends. Now is the time to be who you came here to be. We are the heroes!

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