Finding Center

Finding Center

In today’s world we are taught to look outside ourselves for answers. There is no shortage of people telling us what to do, how to do it, and what products or services we need to follow their prescription. Why do we look to others to tell us what is right for us?

In our society, it doesn’t seem to matter in what generation kids are brought up, they are programmed how to think and feel. It was interesting to me in thinking about this that when I grew up there were traditions, threats of hell, teachers, peer pressure, grandparents, aunts and uncles, and parental programming that kept us on the “right” track. Today there are commercials, television programs, technology, and friends who dictate what is important for kids to be and do. In many cases, parents and teachers don’t have the influence they once did. The programmers have changed somewhat, but humans are still taught how to think and act – there is little in life that people decide totally on their own.

With the training we have had, it is easy to see why we are constantly looking outside self for answers. However, doing this creates confusion that we then have to resolve because no two people will offer the same advice. Everyone will see the situation based on their own experience and agenda. So then we not only have to decide on a course of action, but we also have to appease everyone who gave us the advice that we didn’t take. Sometimes it ends up being easier to just follow the person or group that we want to impress the most.

If this sounds familiar, some questions you might ask self are: “What if none of the people I asked know what is right for me? What if I have the answers to everything I could possibly need or want to know? What if I hold the final decision for all matters in my life?” If you believed these things to be true, how would that change how you go forward?

As we go further down the rabbit hole of life, we realize we really DO have the answers to all questions and dilemmas. But getting the answer depends on being able to ask the right question and connecting with that part of us that knows the truth.

This may seem like an impossible task, but actually once we get the hang of it, it can be fun, rewarding and even easy. One thing that can help is clearing the emotional baggage. When our emotions are clear, we can trust that as we tap in to that part of us that knows, we are getting the highest information possible. As the programs, beliefs, fear, guilt, etc. lift, the lighter, brighter parts of self can shine forth.

This brings to mind the story of the kid who had to muck out the stalls. He scooped and scooped cleaning the manure away. The whole time, he was singing. A stable hand asked how he could be so happy doing such a dirty job. His reply was, “With all this manure, there has to be a pony in there somewhere.” We too have to clean away the muck while keeping our focus on the goal in order to find our “pony”.

Connecting with the part of self that knows the answers is connecting with the core of our true being, that divine part of self. From this place of peace and calm, we see a bigger picture and problems lose their impact – we just know how to proceed. Being in this space allows us to shift who we are, so when later faced with similar issues, they do not affect us.

It is easy to get confused, overwhelmed and off track. If this happens to you, just go into your core. “Yah right,” you say. “So how do I do that?” A good place to begin is doing the techniques on clearing the emotions found on the QT website. They are simple, effective and easy to follow.

One of my favorite things to do is a simple meditation exercise to get into the core, which I will share here. Get comfortable – you can even do this lying in bed. Close your eyes and vision the Light That You Are in your upper chest. Watch as that light grows and expands filling your body. It extends out into your energy field. Feel this until it becomes real to you. Then in your inner vision, look to the sky. There are clouds in the sky, but your focus is not on the clouds, it is on the blue past the clouds. Just keep focusing on the blue beyond the clouds and that will be all you see. Enjoy the peace and calm of that beautiful blueness. All thoughts cease along with the clouds. They are still there but your focus is on the peace and calm of the blue sky. As you BE in this space, it gets brighter and you realize that light is your own light and it is growing. Begin to connect with the light of Mother Earth, Father Sun and all beings. You feel so blessed and connected to life. You might even describe the feeling as a release of oxytocin. Stay in this space as long as you like.

You can do this before you even get out of bed. It doesn’t have to take a long time. A suggestion is set your alarm as usual. When the alarm goes off, hit that snooze button as usual, but instead of going back to sleep, go into this exercise. You will find more joy as you start your day. Things flow smoother and your list of to-dos is completed much quicker. Try it – you’ll like it!

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