Soul Retrieval: An End to Fragmentation

Soul Retrieval: An End to Fragmentation

Returning Pieces

As pieces return and you grow stronger, you will be ready to give back those you have that belong to others. The following exercise can be used for this.

Using the list you made in the above exercise, think of each person and write next to their name what parts of their power they have given to you or that you have taken from them. Usually there is an exchange of parts that takes place. So even if they had your pieces, you can also have something of theirs. This could be fear, guilt, shame, etc. Mentally give back to them anything that you have. If you are not sure what it is, just intend that you are doing this because intention is what causes this to work. They can take what you give them into their fountain to clean it before replacing it within themselves. Their guides will help them with this. Write next to their name, “I forgive myself”.

These exercises can do as often as you like, as there are many pieces you will find scattered through time and space.

Soul Retrieval Challenges Logic

Although soul retrieval may not be able to be explained to the satisfaction of the logical mind, the results show it to be a successful method for clearing present-day health issues, mending broken hearts, improving relationships, dissolving blockages, dissipating fear, and bringing peace, self-confidence, clarity, and lightness to the person. This process helps one achieve wholeness and self-empowerment.


Fragmentation has been the method through which All That Is, the Founders and humans chose to learn, but the time has now come for us to begin the integration process and our return to Oneness. We can take many different paths on this journey, but one method that has proven to work easily and quickly is soul retrieval.

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