Soul Retrieval: An End to Fragmentation

Soul Retrieval: An End to Fragmentation

Generally speaking, we give our power away by allowing another to dictate our thoughts and actions. This is not to say that we cannot share ideas with others, but we must remain in our integrity and give to others in a way that is truly beneficial to all involved.

Filling the Emptiness

When pieces are gone, the first thing one usually does is tap into and take the energy of another. Because this is not the person’s true energy, it usually doesn’t satisfy for very long, so the process has to be repeated frequently.

We are very creative beings and if stealing the energy from another isn’t fulfilling or satisfying, the next step may be to escape into drugs, alcohol, compulsive sex, shopping, eating, or any number of compulsive and addictive behaviors.

Indications of Pieces Missing

The need to retrieve parts of self is not uncommon and here are some indicators that suggest this condition. If you have experienced trauma, addiction, surgery, divorce, abuse, death of a loved one, military service, accidents, depression, memory gaps, or have health issues, you may have parts to reclaim.

If you repeatedly put yourself into abusive situations, if you feel you have no control of your life, or if you argue with someone frequently, especially if it is the same argument over and over, there is cause to believe that one or both parties possess portions of the other. If you were to get back what you lost to that person, you would be able to break the repetitious patterns.

Saying things like, “A part of me left with him,” “I just don’t feel myself,” “I gave everything to her and still she doesn’t appreciate me,” or “My heart is broken,” is a good indication that something has been taken or given away. Soul retrieval would be a great help in clearing these feelings.

Rose put her baby up for adoption when she was a young girl. She and her daughter were reunited when the child was grown, but the trauma of the separation was still with her. Her heart was broken and her solar plexus was energetically wrapped in a cocoon. We gently melted the cocoon and got her baby back. There was so much joy that it pushed the pain out. She had felt such a loss back then because they had given her shots to dry her milk and she couldn’t even give the baby that. After we recovered the baby, she held her and nursed her. We retrieved pieces from the father and the people involved in that event. We let Rose see snatches of the child’s life she had missed. After this work, she felt happy, fulfilled and grateful.

Paying attention to the words we use to describe our feelings can be most beneficial as they are oftentimes accurate, metaphorically speaking, for what we are experiencing.

Soul Retrieval Process

The soul retrieval process can be a simple and brief process that anyone with the desire can do. The following technique was designed to assist in retrieving missing pieces. It will help you gather that which is rightfully yours.

Sit in a comfortable position and ask your spirit helpers to assist you so that all is done for your highest good. Make a list of people you feel have mistreated you or to whom you feel resentment or anger. Next to each name, write what they did to you. As you think of the people, see if there is any of your power you lost or gave to them. If so, ask each person to return it to you. You may be able to identify the piece as your self-esteem, childhood, joy, sexuality, creativity, freedom, etc., or it may look like an object, or you may just have a feeling that they are giving you something. You may end up with one or two items, a basketful or a truckload.     If the person will not return the parts to you, ask your spirit helpers to retrieve them.

In your mind, put these things into a fountain with clear water falling into it and climb in with them. Allow the water to wash over and through you and the items, cleaning you and them until all are crystal clear. When you have finished, allow the pieces to enter back into you. You don’t have to know how to do this; the pieces know where they belong. You may feel a loving warmth go through your body as they enter. Welcome the parts back. Thank the people for returning the pieces to you and invite them to go into their fountains to have their clearing. Intend that a golden light flow down through your body integrating the pieces that you have retrieved.

You may do this exercise with any trauma such as a car accident, “killer exam,” job loss, relocation, death of a loved one, or surgery. It also works with things such as scary movies, filing tax returns, or driving in heavy traffic.

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