Soul Retrieval: An End to Fragmentation

Soul Retrieval: An End to Fragmentation

One of the most common methods of fragmenting is through trauma. When one experiences trauma, part of the person’s energy can get stuck in that time and place. This is a survival mechanism because if one experienced the fullness of the situation, it would possibly be more than the person could endure. The splintered piece could be a body part, one’s power, life, essence, or an emotional aspect of self. This was the case with Karina.

Karina is a massage therapist. She came to me because she was having pain in her right arm and it was interfering with her work. We discovered that in another lifetime her father had disowned her for not doing what he commanded of her. Being homeless and hungry, she stole food and as punishment, her hand was cut off, infection set in, and she died. We energetically cleaned the wound and retrieved the spirit of her arm, but we still weren’t finished. In another lifetime she was tortured and hung by her arm. We returned those pieces and healed her arm from that time. As a result, she physically has had no more pain in her arm.

The work we did with Karina was done in her subtle bodies through our intention – the physical experienced the sensations as we did the work, but we did nothing to the physical body. Oftentimes it just takes recognizing the condition and seeing it come into wholeness in order for it to clear. We only need to INTEND it be so. Intention is very powerful.

Fragmentation can also occur when someone takes our pieces. A person will do this if he is not feeling complete within himself. He pulls energy from someone else trying to fill his own need. This is usually from a person who is weaker than him, and oftentimes a child.

Jamie came to me with horrible back and stomach pains every time she menstruated. She had married when she was seventeen because she was pregnant. Her husband emotionally abused her, beat her and forced her to take drugs. We reclaimed the parts her husband had taken and broke agreements she had made with him. We recovered her 17-year-old self and pieces that had shattered off in the apartment where they lived. When her next cycle came, Jamie did not experience any pain and has remained pain free since that time.

Those who steal energy from another to fill themselves are not aware that they can, or if they are, do not know how to get their own pieces back. Once they learn this and start filling themselves with their own energy, they no longer need to take from another and the knot of energy theft starts to unravel. As they return parts to those they have stolen from, that person can give back that which he has taken. This starts a chain reaction, and everyone benefits.

Besides pieces shattering off or being taken, we at times willingly give parts of ourselves to another. We may give pieces to our lovers, doctors, jobs, bosses, homes, children, friends, teachers, gurus, churches and the military.

Sarah was a natural energy worker but started questioning her gift, and consequently, lost that ability when a friend pointed out to her that she had no credentials. Sarah decided to get some. She went to study with someone whose work she respected. After a time she started feeling stuck and controlled by the teacher. We found the teacher had put a template over the heads of the students to keep them going in the direction he wanted. He had split the light coming into her crown chakra and channeled part of it to himself. He also made his students go regularly to a psychiatrist who worked in conjunction with him. He definitely was controlling his students. We retrieved Sarah’s pieces from him, removed the energetic devices, and severed all connections with him. When we finished, she felt invigorated and said this session verified what she had been feeling. Sarah also regained her ability to work with subtle energy.

In an attempt to develop her natural talents, Sarah had unsuspectingly placed her well-being in the hands of another. This person misused that confidence to control, manipulate and drain energy from her.

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