Soul Retrieval: An End to Fragmentation

Soul Retrieval: An End to Fragmentation


Soul retrieval is a term used by shamans to describe a technique they perform whereby they journey in an altered state of consciousness outside of time and space to find a piece that has been lost, given away or taken from the patient who has come to them for assistance. The shaman brings the piece back and places it in the person. It oftentimes takes two to three months to integrate the replaced part. This technique proves successful, but can be a slow process and only the shaman can perform it.

By adding quantum principles to this procedure, multiple pieces can return at the same time and integration occurs usually within a 24-hour period. It is effective and simple enough that a person can do the retrieval for himself. This updated soul retrieval process is the subject of this paper.

The Original Fragmentation

Fragmentation is the breaking into parts of something that was once whole. When life began, there was only wholeness and integration, as described in The Prism of Lyra.

From this realm of unification, portions of All That Is wondered what it would be like to fragment and temporarily forget integrated existence. The force of this thought on such a mass level began to create a fragmentation. The illusion created from this fragmentation would be a challenging forgetfulness in which consciousness would need to create (from its own divine nature) the remembrance to once again unite. (Royal and Priest, 1989, page 1-2)

This was the beginning of fragmentation. From this first fragmentation, a group of beings called the Founders were created. Following the lead of their “parents,” the Founders then shattered into more pieces.

When they believed they were ready, the Founders began another fragmentation. Just as a portion of the Whole became curious and created this realm from its thoughts, the Founders emulated their “parents” and exerted thought energy to create a fragmentation of themselves. This fragmentation occurred far and wide; individualized consciousness sprang from the Founders’ group awareness and began to explore the universe. (Royal and Priest, 1989, page 13)

Daily Fragmentation

The Founders were looking for experiences that they could not have as a unified whole. They were emulating their “parents” in their search for greater consciousness, and we, as children of the Founders, are extending this process even further. We are imitating our parents (the Founders) as we too search for awareness through further separation from the whole.

If we can accept this theory in part or in total, we will recognize that we are the originators of our world. We have developed life as we know it in order to grow in awareness. We are not victims. We have chosen this path of learning, and we have been extremely creative in setting up conditions of fragmentation in order to learn and experience.

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