Welcome to QT Mastery

Welcome to QT Mastery

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About My Work

I titled this website Quantum Transformation (QT) because all things are possible and we can choose from those limitless potentialities. Once we have chosen, we can bring that condition or circumstance into our physical experience.

Quantum Transformation effects change at a core level that can bring the energy field into greater coherency and harmony. This helps restore physical and psychological well being, establishes a greater sense of inner peace, brings clarity, and removes blocks and stuck energy so you can move forward with ease.

You may be thinking there is no way you could ever do this for yourself, let alone ever master it. I once thought that way but was certainly surprised when I tried it and had a successful experience. The work I began doing in 1992 has grown tremendously over the years and I am sure it will continue to morph and expand. So don’t hesitate to begin where you are.

In the library, I have included talks and writings from those early days so that you could see where I began and you could start there or any point in between. The information in my books Modern Shamans and Shaman’s Vision will also be of great assistance to you.

Here at QT Mastery, the first and foremost aim is to provide information (and assistance if needed) for you to do your own clearing.  Good health, wholeness, and passion for life are your birthright.

Nancy's Writings

Always the AND

Always the AND

In this reality there is only one whole truth and that is we are divine, light beings experiencing what it is like to be human. As I type this, I hear someone saying, “Yah, but what about…?” To this I say, “There is always an AND.”  No matter what statement we utter that we think is absolute truth, there is always an AND that goes with it, so I honor your AND as you read this post.

We may think we have the whole picture but it is only our point of view based on our experiences and who we “think” we are, which is primarily formed by the programs we have accumulated through our life.  “Facts” are relative and basically just fragments of truth. Remember the story of the blindfolded group sitting around an elephant. Each touches the elephant and describes what he feels. They all have a different description because they are all touching different parts of the animal, yet it is the same form they are each describing.

Other people may agree with something we say, but not with all that we believe because their reality and the way they experience life are not identical to ours. We are each unique. There is no one exactly like us.

The greatest issue I see in the world is that many do not respect the differences and feel it is their duty and right to make everyone believe and behave as they think they should. This creates an us-versus-them approach to life and hence a lot of strife.

It we look at a bigger picture, we can see everyone and everything on this planet is playing the “fragmentation game”. Fragmentation is the breaking into parts that which was once whole. I call it a game because these are roles we are each playing. If it was the real us we are living, we would not behave differently with different people and in different situations.

Everything came forth on this planet from Mother Earth and is fed by her and Father Sun. Some say this was all helped along by outside influences, but nevertheless, our bodies are made of Earth substances/fragments. She fragmented herself so we could have life. We also fragment ourselves when we bear children.

So we were born of fragmentation and we continue to fragment ourselves again and again, not only through child bearing but through our jobs, relationships, military service, church membership, addictions, the present health care system, etc. It is not always apparent when we are doing this, but most people lose parts of themselves every day. These parts consist of our joy, confidence, innocence, self-awareness, energy and much more. Because we are not whole within self, we try to fill the void in self by taking from others. It’s the old story of the man who beats his wife, she yells at the kids and the kids kick the dog. We have to fill ourselves with something, anything because we can’t bear the emptiness.

So why do we do this? Science offers us an answer. The scientist takes things a part to understand the whole. They do this with plants, animals, cadavers, and the atom. They deduce theories from the parts and how they interact. If they can replicate the results often enough, they consider it a fact. We have seen that the “facts” change when new evidence is brought to light. There is always the AND!

I doubt we will ever have complete truth on this planet because it was designed for experiences that come from fragmentation. However, I do believe as we retrieve and integrate more and more of our fragmented selves, we see and experience a grander scope of truth. So within ourselves we can know and be complete truth despite the outside world. That is when we graduate from this fragmentation experiment.

There is more information on this site and in my books that can help you retrieve the lost parts of self, release what is not yours, and come into wholeness. And remember in this reality, there is always an “AND”.